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The answer to the mystery of the "Giant Crystal" in a vug is that it is what
is left of a tree trunk after being struck by lightning. When I looked at
it with binoculars from the canyon floor, it had the shape of a giant
terminated crystal. The sun shinning on it made it appear darker than what
the drone captured on video and in still shots.

It is funny that hunters of treasure often see things the way they want to
see them. There are a lot of people who think that everything they find is a
meteorite, mainly based on perceived value from the media. Once they have
convinced themselves they have a meteorite, many will not accept the truth
no matter how much evidence to the contrary is presented

The mystery of the "Curious Iron Rocks" miners and prospectors were finding
in Northern Nevada has been solved. The conclusion goes against all odds!
I will discus this later on another trip report.

I have a new cave mystery that showed up in an image on the second to last
day of the September Team LunarRock hunt. Locals have been talking about a
mysterious cave with a triangular opening in the Cherry Creek area. They
claim all who enter never come out the same. We thought it was just some
bar talk back in the funky town of Gerlach, Nevada which was full of the
Burning Man Festival goers when we passed through it. It was not until I
got home and started examining images of our Cherry Creek Ranch property,
that I realized this cave was captured in a few of my images. Now, on the
next hunt, we will have to hike to this cave and see what is in it. We also
found a 6" diameter ventilation pipe sticking out the ground that is not a
well. We are going to have to lower a camera down the hole to see what is
beneath. It seems when one mystery is solved, others appear.

A strange cave with triangular opening.:

What one person on the September Expedition envisioned may be inside when we
return to the area:

We should know the truth this year if we do not go insane after entering the
cave based on local lore.

Link to Burning Man Festival:

Best Regards,

Adam Hupe
Team LunarRock

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> Dear List Members,
> I finally had a few minutes to spare between real estate dealings so
> thought I would provide a snapshot into last September's Team LunarRock
> expedition. The 2,200 mile plus trip is too long to share in one or two
> posts so I will break the trip report down into manageable posts. I
> already covered the drone crash at Lunar Crater in a previous post so will
> go back a few days, before the crash.
> Team member, Mark "Action" Jackson, who was responsible for piloting the
> drone, during the trip, solved the local mystery of the "Giant Crystal" in
> a vug a few days before we hit the road. I have been hiking the Christmas
> Tree Pass area, a few miles from my house, for years looking at
> petroglyphs, exploring thousands of caves and looking for meteorites. On
> one of these hikes, I spotted what looked like a giant terminated crystal
> in a vug with a set of binoculars. It was near impossible to get to since
> it was about 500 feet above the canyon floor and I have not practiced any
> sort of serious rock-climbing since my 30s. I showed it to Mark "Action"
> Jackson on a previous trip and he decided to solve the mystery once and
> for all, on the September Team LunarRock hunt.
> Mark went back to the spot and found the vug again. The high altitude at
> the pass, thermals and the wind made for a very tricky flight but he
> managed to get within a few feet of the object and capture some images.
> We studied the video and some still shots carefully later on and finally
> figured out exactly what we were looking at.
> Nine minute flight video of "Giant Crystal in Vug" at Christmas Tree Pass:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNXWzJfPKg8&feature=em-share_video_user
> If you cannot figure out exactly what the object is, I will post the
> answer at a latter time.
> Short preflight before trip
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW-OpQpkRGg
> Next time, I will disclose the surprising answer to the Mystery of the
> "Curious Iron Rocks" that miners in Northern Nevada told us about in 2015.
> Have Fun,
> Adam Hupe
> Team LunarRock
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