[meteorite-list] He is back

From: Blake <n0vln_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 22:41:06 -0700
Message-ID: <58786872.4040202_at_durango.net>

He is back! Curry that is.

I just re-joined the list again. A few years ago I was on to keep track
of Curry. I dropped off because I?m not actually a part of the community
(I?m just Blaine?s brother) and things seemed to have cooled down.

Unfortunately things have changed. A couple days ago he went to
Quartzite and convinced the authorities to investigate (sorry Blaine
told me the name of the person they went after but I don?t remember it
right now). They came in to shut him down. Curry convinced them that
anyone selling an NWA was supporting terrorism. They bought it. For now
they are ?investigating the situation?.

Curry is on his way to Tucson now (may already be there) and is going to
try the same thing. The thing is he (and others) think he is a US
superior court judge and his followers think they are continental us
marshals. They think they have the right and obligation to carry out
sentences against anyone one who disagrees with them (i.e. Curry?s rocks
aren?t meteorites). Anyone selling an NWA is guilty of treason and
therefore should be hanged. He has been on the road claiming that if he
can do away with us (me and Blaine) that he will have billions of
dollars to over throw the government. This guy is extremely dangerous
and should be avoided. I can?t post pictures but I suggest all do some
research on him (Steve curry montrose co) to come up with something.

If you see him, My recommendation is to not confront him and run away.
Blaine has been monitoring his activities and his anger level is
extremely high now. He is very dangerous and should not be confronted in
any way. Also, If he is wearing any weapon (knife, gun) we need to know.
We have a protection order against him and if he has any of the above
that is a fed violation and maybe we can deal with it on that level.
This guy is VERY dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Get to
recognize him and run away if you see him. Don?t take any chances. This
has gotten way out of hand and no one needs to be hurt by this bozo.

Let?s be careful out there.

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