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From: Brian Cox <searchingforfun_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 03:43:40 -0500
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Hello everybody,

Let me say a couple of things about this scoundrel in Hong Kong, and what I think he's up to, and then the constant bashing of ebay.

Keep a watch out for the meteorites this guy bought, he's probably going to sell them himself either through his ebay user ID, but most likely he has another user ID he's probably going to sell them through. He also may be working with someone who will sell them either on their own website or maybe ebay.

Think about it, it makes no sense this guy would buy a meteorite and then burn his bridges to the people he bought the meteorites from who supplied them, so to speak, by making the sellers look bad by purposely leaving negative feedback to make them look bad to keep buyers away.

He most likely did this in the hopes that potential buyers would shy away from the sellers he defamed and not buy from them.

He's probably planning on selling them and getting the business from buyers that he Thinks he has fooled into not buying from the sellers he has tried to condemn with the negative feedback.

Let's all work together to look for these meteorites being sold in the future if we can get all the seller's help.
If all the sellers would all post the names of the meteorites and dimensions and weight, and if possible links to the photos would be great.

If we can all see or have information about the meteorites he bought then this would help everyone in the meteorite community so that no one buys these meteorites from him or any people he's working with, so we can prevent him from making any money from his scamming and lying.

Now, onto the ebay concern, many of us don't have a website, like you Mike F and you Mike G, Anne, etc., and for now ebay suits me fine. Yes, there are scammers on ebay, But with tens of Millions of people on it daily buying and selling from around the world, it's a small price to pay for 24/7 exposure and new customers and cross collectors that happen upon buying their first meteorite, when they were looking for something else.

I bought my first meteorites in the early 2000s on ebay from now well known long time dealers when I was looking for my usual favorites at the time, such as mineral specimens and rocks, coins and collectible jewelry, when I got excited and came across cross-sellers who sold meteorites and rocks and coins at the time.

It's also fun as a buyer, and even though Ebay is Not perfect, as folks have stated here, but as Ruben said, ebay does realize there are a$$holes, scammers and thieves that pull bizarre and hateful crap like unnecessary negative feedback, and Ebay will and does remove it if you are willing to take the time on the phone to go through the same amount of time you would when calling Amazon or Walmart or Macy's or whatever other business you have to call to solve a problem.

Now, granted its different as a seller, but I've found ebay has grown up over the years, even though some folks talk like its archaic, but per Ruben's story and John Humphries and even the posts Dave Cox shares on Facebook about the hassles he gets, they do recognize honest sellers that have imbeciles causing trouble and they will fix a problem such as this troublemaker.

Everyone have a great day, and may a large and rare Meteorite land safely in your yard.

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