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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 15:37:06 -0300
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While I was in Tucson, several specimens from my collection were stolen.
Listed here are the meteorite related ones, but also minerals and
archaeological items were taken.
You can see some photos in facebook:

Meteorites Class Weight (g) sizes (mm) Crust% Observations

BINGOL Howardite Individual 8,05 26x18x12 90 ORIENTED shiny glassy surface

MARJALAHTI PAL PMG sliceP 22.2 50x40x3

ST. MICHEL L6 Fragment 29.5 40x40x3-13 5-

SYLACAUGA H4 Fragment 0,52 9x8x4 0

JILIN H5 End Piece 35,76 48x30x15 50

NEW ORLEANS H5 Fragment 2,287 15x13x9 0

TAZA Iron Ungr Plessitic Octahedrite End Piece 84.4 80x33x13 w/rad.Kamac.
needles and large inclusion

NWA 5358 Brachinite slice 5,92 38x27x1,5 25

NWA 6484 Lodranite slice 4,63 37x28x1,5 90

NWA 7397 SHE Enriched Permafic Poikilitic Individual 4,53 17x17x8 85

Campo del Cielo IA MG Og 3.0 Individual 19,1 30x22x15 graphite nodule

Campo del Cielo IA MG Og 3.0 Individual 3g 17x14x7? graphite nodule w/metal

Keris. ceremonial knife made of meteorite from Bali. Original 15th
century. 42x8cm


Australit v.Lent Individual 0.65 From Hugh Howard collection

Australite v.boat Individual 2.586 31x11x5 oval oriented. Excellent

Australite vFlangedButton Individual 2.536 20x20x7 near perfect 1mm scratch

Australite vFlangedButton Individual 3.194 21x19x9 incompl. Aprox 80%

Bediasite Individual 5.61 20x14x13

Moldavite Individual 11.2 50x23x9 100

Moldavite Individual 13.1 33x27x12 100

Moldavite Individual 6.5 33x32x8 100

Moldavite Individual 6.7 80x21x6 100

Moldavite Individual 1.626 18x16x9 with hole

Moldavite Individual 0,668 18x10x3 with hole

Moldavite Individual 10,77 41x23x7 0

Moldavite Individual 5,57 31x20x9 with flow lines

Rizalite-Phillipinite Tektite 272 55x55x50 0 excellent deep ribs all around

Amerikanite/Colombianite pseudotektite Individual 14.1 27x23x18

Belemnite del Ries Crater impactita Individual 2.77 32x8x6 sliced/melted
form meteorite impact

Darwin Glass Impactita Individual 9 32x27x10

Darwin Glass Impactita Individual 2,3 22x12x10

Tektite v. Batong Anag impactite Individual 49,12 49x33x26 0 "stone from
the ants

Wabar Pearl of Al'Ad Impactita Individual 0.64 12x9x5

Indochinite Tektite Individual 18.3 3x2x2

Indochinite Tektite Individual 11.8 about 70mm drop shape

Indochinite Tektite Individual 67.4 about 70mm plane disc

Indochinite Tektite 87.7 11x3 bone sized

Indochinite Tektite Individual 23.8 35x25x25 twisted drop shape

Indochinite Tektite Individual 28 60x30x14 flat striated drop shape

Indochinite Tektite Individual 30 40x38x25 with gastropod

Indochinite Tektite Individual 12 43x25x9 Muong nong

Indochinite Tektite Individual 36 39x36x20 round with rare center

Indochinite Tektite Individual 57 85x40x23 round with rare center

Indochinite Tektite Individual 5,71 45x15x9 remaglipted drop

Indochinite v.Drop Tektite Individual 13.2 58x13x14

Indochinite v.MUONG NONG Tektite Individual 48.6 65x45x20 layered tektite

Phillipinite Individual 46.7 35x33x28

Lybian Glass IMPACTITE Individual 17.3 60x30x10 Crystobalite,Schlieren

Lybian Glass IMPACTITE Individual 55 75x42x25 Flight Oriented!

Lybian Glass IMPACTITE Individual 17 35x20x18

PARK FOREST glass from car impactite" Fragment 0 50x25x4 glass from car
broken by Park Forest met. Letter E

the following 5 were in one box, with several large photos and a
certificate of Jon Larsen (also stolen)
MICROMETEORITO 213 Barred Olivine Individual 0,01 0x0x0 100 BO
MICROMETEORITO 225 Barred Olivine Individual 0,01 0x0x0 100 BO
MICROMETEORITO 227 Turteback Individual 0,01 0x0x0 100 fine grained
MICROMETEORITO 228 Barred Olivine w/Fe/Ni nuget Individual 0,01 0x0x0 100
BO with Fe/ni nugget
MICROMETEORITO 241 Barred Olivine w/broken glass bubble and Pt grp
Individual 0,01 0x0x0 100 BO w/pt grp nugget & glass bub

Shirokovsky pseudometeorito pseudopallasite slice P 24.1 64x51x2 0

these last three, with almost no commercial value were a nice part of my
collection as were "found" in tucson show auction's cakes, still with the
aluminium foil, never opened.

Gold Basin V.Cake L4-6 Individual 3,684 w/foil 27x20x11
Meteorite auction cake Tucson 2012

FRANCONIA V. Cake H5 Individual 4,04 w/foil 25x16x14 Meteorite auction cake
Tucson 2013

NWA 869 V. Cake H5 Individual 1,914 w/foil 31X19X7 Meteorite auction cake
Tucson 2014

Thanks for read this. Please let me know if someone offer them or you see
any of these specimen for sale.


Eduardo Jawerbaum
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