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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 12:50:39 -0700
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Hi Jim and List Members,

Sounds like your Veteran's meteorite Hunt will be a lot fun and more
importantly, it honors those who deserve it.

Pahrump is a great place to have a hunt. I know of a lot of meteorite
hunters that found their first finds there.

Saddle West Hotel is a good recommendation but you have to be careful about
other events in town and book early.

We went on the first Team LunarRock hunt of the year in Pahrump on the 24th
of March and were barely able to get a room at Saddle West since there was a
police race event going on. We planned on camping with Team Kraken at their
private hangout but they are a little too extreme for us. We met some of
their members several years ago and have become good friends with many of
them. Team Kraken, consisting mostly of miners and blue collar workers and
their families work hard during the week, play hard on the weekends and
party hard at night. They are very good at finding mostly mineral specimens
but do have an eye out for meteorites.

Here are some images of the March trip:

Typical terrain in the area. Easy hiking but watch out for snakes,
especially in the morning when they come out to warm up. Note that there is
still snow on Mount Charleston.

Team Kraken's mancave, clubhouse and campsite located on private property a
few hundred yards from BLM land in Pahrump.

It is interesting that Team Kraken chose a Nautical theme for there old
western style clubhouse in the middle of the desert. Their camp has two
bars, plenty of room for RVs, multiple fire pits and satellite TVs. They
even had a shipping container where participants could play beer pong. One
of their members is a bartender by trade and she knows how to make mean
drinks. The blender was in constant action while we visited their camp. We
left early so as not to miss another day of hunting.

Some of the girls returning to the camp after a full day of playing in the

Camping at the Kraken mancave. Note that the fires are lit so that team
members can find their way out of the desert:

A porthole on the side of the mancave, behind the bar, hides their most
sacred object.

Open it up and you can see their mascot, an angry Kraken sea monster:

We did not find much but we had a great time. I hope your hunt is
successful and that team members have a great time which is almost
guaranteed in friendly Pahrump.

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