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Hi, Rob,

There are several "tons." There's
the English or "short" Ton, the
unit of weight in the avoirdupois
system equal to 2,000 pounds
(907.18 kg) in the United States
(the short ton) and 2,240 pounds
(1,016.05 kg) in Britain (the long
ton). The metric ton used in most
other countries is 1,000 kg, which
is equivalent to 2,204.6 pounds
avoirdupois. And just in case
you want to go crazy there are
other weight system pounds than
the avoirdupois one.

Biggest Campo is always Number
Two until they find one bigger
than Hoba! I just take these
Argentines word for it that this
Campo is bigger than the previous
record-holder, which makes it
Meteorite Number Two... as reported
by a Chinese newspaper!

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I have seen this in the news a few times today. Amazing find but I'm

This new find is 34 tons.

El Chaco weighs in at 37 tons and Hoba has them beat at 66.

I missing a metric conversion in reference to El Chaco?

Referencing the book
The Campo Del Cielo Meteorites, Vol. II, Chaco Guillermo Faivovich and
Nicolas Goldberg
Page 45

Rob Wesel
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> List,
> A 34-ton iron has been found
> in the Campo del Cielo region
> of Argentina:
> http://www.shanghaidaily.com/article/article_xinhua.aspx?id=332776
> The meteorite was found on
> Sept. 10 in the town of Gancedo,
> 1,085 km north of Buenos Aires,
> Mario Vesconi, president of the
> Astronomy Association of Chaco,
> told the daily newspaper Clarin."
> "While we hoped for weights above
> what had been registered, we did
> not expect it to exceed 30 [metric]
> tons," Vesconi noted, adding that
> "the size and weight [about 68,000
> pounds] surprised us."
> "The meteorite will be weighed
> again to ensure an accurate
> measurement. The largest
> meteorite ever found is Hoba,
> weighing 66 tons, in Namibia."
> See also:
> http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2016/sep/12/30-ton-meteor-discovered-
> in-arg
> entina-at-ancient-m/
> Sterling K. Webb
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