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Paul Gessler and List,

Since the late unpleasantness
between your ancestral Gessler
and Herr Tell started up around
1307 A.D., but the Twannberg
iron was only discovered on
May 9, 1984 in a barley field
near Twann, after it had been
plowed up (that's Twannberg I),
it seems to me unlikely to be
the murder weapon!

Two additional fragments were
found in an unnatural setting.
One fragment (II) was found in
2000 in an attic in Twann and
another (III) in 2005 in the Naturhistorisches Museum Bern,
in a collection received from the
Museum Schwab in Biel where it
had been labeled as a hematite
around 1930. Twannberg IV, V
and VI were found in the creek

The meteorite is named after
Twannberg (from the German,
Twann mountain), a mountain
that lies north of Twann.

You should take a look at this:

The chapel contains paintings
including one of Wilhelm Tell
shooting the "tyrant Gessler in
the hollow way between
Immensee and K?ssnacht."

But the whole thing may be
(probably is) a myth. "But one
cannot find any document
concerning a person named
Wilhelm Tell nor the report
of an assassination of a bailiff
in central Switzerland. Only in
1470, 160 years or so after
the alledged events, a chronicle...
reports the legend for the first

Herr Tell is a myth.

Sterling K. Webb
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Wilhelm Tell was a TERRORIST....who assassinated my ancestor with a crossbow
no doubt tipped with a Twannberg iron bolt/arrow true story

Paul Gessler
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