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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2016 20:43:32 -0800
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For Sale - Pallasitic Peridot Earrings

Just in time for the holidays

Sterling silver settings with surgical steel posts and backs

Hello all

As many of you may know, I was a co-owner in an operation started in 2006
aimed at recovering samples of the Admire, Kansas pallasite. The operation
was met with great success with several hundred pounds recovered. Facing
market challenges selling Admire, a known ruster, our focus turned to
harvesting gem quality crystals for sale in the jewelry market. We were
represented for many years under the LLC Palladot. Under Palladot's
direction we succeeded in getting Extraterrestrial peridot from the Admire
Pallasite recognized as a unique gemstone by the G.I.A. This was no small
feat, a new gemstone recognized and one from outer space.a remnant from the
birth of our solar system. We seeded some of the world's largest
depositories but, despite our best efforts, gemstone popularity trends are
slow to change and every penny earned in sales was buried in continued
marketing that did not bear fruit.

At what is now the 10 year mark we have decided to go our own directions
having divided the shares of faceted crystals, rough crystals, and raw
pallasitic material.
I have spent the last two months working on solutions for jewelry making
that is both practical and affordable to a variety of budgets and, in the
end, have concluded that learning to set stones myself was the easiest way
to save costs to the end user.
Due to the natural fracturing of the crystals in their parent meteorites,
finding gem quality sections suitable for faceting was a challenge that
resulted in small cut stones in the 2-4mm range. Obtaining a one carat stone
was a rarity and the largest ever was near the two carat mark and a singular

That's how I got to here:


I have a head start on production and will guarantee Christmas delivery
until Dec 12th in the U.S. and Dec 7th overseas. I can not guarantee
availability as the supply is limited but as long as the PayPal checkout for
the size you request is active, you will get your order.

Please have a look at this unique opportunity to an amazing piece of jewelry
and natural history.

Rob Wesel

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