[meteorite-list] Cut pallasite gemstones on ebay

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Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 15:21:48 -0500
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At best, I would say this is Libyan Desert Glass, at worst it is just
manmade glass. Either way, it is a scam and eBay won't do anything to stop
it. In order to be able to facet an over 5 carat stone, I have to imagine
that the rough would have to have been at least 10 carats (not a faceting
expert, just a guesstimate on my part). Well, then there is the part of a
flawless meteoritic olivine of that size ...

Mendy Ouzillou

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There is someone selling faceted gemstones they claim to have cut from
pallasites. ?I looked through their current and past offerings, and I have
never seen such a rainbow of colors; AFAIK, olivine doesn't come in red and
blue! ?Anyone know anything about this seller? or is he just trying to cash
in on meteorite lust?
Incidentally, I asked if he knew what pallasite this offering had been?cut
from and he didn't know. ?It's a bigger than usual chunk of peridot, for a
meteorite (if that's what it is).

Tracy Latimer


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