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Matija writes:

"Does anybody has heard of meteorite from Jupiter? Does it exists? Does
anybody suspects that maybe he is in possesion of it?"

These are three distinct questions Matija.

Many of us have heard about meteorites from Jupiter, people make claims all the time, sometimes allowing words to do thinking instead of using their minds.

Nobody has seen a meteorite that has been scientifically reviewed and shown to be from Jupiter. But this comes with a disclaimer (see disclaimer).

People suspect they are in possession of strange things all the time. I'm sure some people suspect they have a meteorite from Jupiter. Especially, now that we are talking about this hypothetical piece of science fiction you've imagined in your mind's eye. People have imagined meteorites from Mars with odd legged arachnids in them if you choose to believe them. But even scientists thought they might have meteorites from Mercury. A brilliant list member her has speculated some Venus meteorites may exist. None of these have been proven and support for their existence vary from very interesting theoretical reasoning, to entertainment for an idle but creative mind, to delusional behavior by individuals that have more than one loose screw.

First, you must ask yourself, How would anybody recognize a Jupiter meteorite? Then ask, can a "Jupiter meteorite" exist on Jupiter? Then, do you mean one that arrives on Earth? And then, how and a piece of Jupiter going to be snatched from its inner guts, go back into space, and be delivered to Earth.

What if I asked you, has anyone heard of aliens ever landing on the Sun? Even if no one heard of it, have aliens landed on the Sun? Or, do anyone posted to Facebook pictures they suspect are of aliens landing on the Sun?

Disclaimer: A comet smashed into Jupiter not long ago. As Jupiter tore it apart with its tremendous gravitational force, fragments we could call meteoroids crashed through Jupiter's dense gaseous atmosphere As the gravity was so fierce and the atmosphere denser and denser as the pieces ablated into disintegration, maybe something started floating in a thick chemical stew. That could be your meteorite, but no one has gone to recover it yet...

Final words. Nature is strange and saying something is impossible really isn't the strong point of the scientific method. If you manage to find a Jupiter meteorite on Earth, someone will be sure to ask, hey, "anyone found a meteorite from a black hole?" LOL

jk, final words are, most of our meteorites are from Jupiter. Jupiter keeps the asteroid belt in line and occasionally its gravity snatches it out of orbit and slingshots it on a trajectory that eventually ends up on earth in a sort of solar system pinball. In that sense we have many likely Jupiter meteorites :-)


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Does anybody has heard of meteorite from Jupiter? Does it exists? Does
anybody suspects that maybe he is in possesion of it?

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