[meteorite-list] Old rusting Bahrins, Brenhams or similar

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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2016 02:54:19 -0400
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Pallasites make very pretty thin-sections if they are polished very well.
You can find a couple of those, Huckitta and Jepara on my website http://www.impactika.com/TSlist.htm
And if you go to the bottom of the page and click on "sold" you will find Ahumada and Brenham on another page.


Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com

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I want to try making a thin section from a pallasite.?? I'm sure others have done it before, but it's a challenge I'd like to try.?? But it seems an old rusting piece might well be something to work with...at least to start with.
Anyone with a low-budget ruster that has seen better days, willing to part with it, please drop me a note, off list.? A photo would certainly be welcome.
Thanks much.
Mike Fiedler
MLFiedler at gmail.com


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