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Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 16:46:06 +0100
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Dear Meteorite Enthusiasts,
Hope you have all been having a great week!
For sale are some very affordable specimens with strong provenance, available at great prices.? Please take a moment to see what is available below. ?Always open to reasonable offers. :-)
Free domestic USA Priority shipping on orders over $50.? Otherwise I will provide an estimate for shipping domestic or international.
I have provided some description for new collectors who may have an interest in reading about the specimens.
Please contact me via email bigjohnshea at mail.com?offlist for?photos.?
John A. Shea
IMCA 3295
Carancas, Peru H4-H5 ? 0.6g fragment ? 35$
Chain of provenance extends from Bob Haag, to Wandering Stars Meteorites, to myself.? This was bought as part of a small lot of Carancas and I only received one specimen card from Wandering Stars.? Will provide a copy of the specimen card, as well as my own provenance card.
The Carancas fall in Peru was a significant event back in 2012, witnessed by hundreds of villagers, and creating a relatively small impact crater after landing.? Sub-milligram micro fragments of Carancas sell for between 5-15$ per specimen.? Specimens larger than a micromount are rarely seen for sale anymore.?
Tagish Lake, C2-Ung ? Sub-mg fragment ? 15$
This is a micro specimen with some generous surface area to appreciate.? Acquired through Arizona Meteorites, will come with their informational card as well as my provenance.
Tagish Lake is a C2 Ungrouped specimen from a fall in January of 2000, Northwestern British Columbia.? It is fortunate that it was winter when the fall happened, as these specimens are very susceptible to the elements, and the hunt was able to find the bulk of the fall before the snow melted.? Specimens are rarely ever seen on the market larger than a sub-milligram size micro.?
Decaturville, Impact Breccia ? 122.7g part slice ? 20$
Decaturville, Impact Breccia ? 84.3g part slice ? 15$
These were purchased from Riddlerocks but were not accompanied by specimen cards.? Will come with my card.
The Decaturville crater in Missouri is thought to have formed after an impact event roughly 300 million years ago.? There are a few times of breccia formed from it, and these are specimens of ?fill? breccia that have something of a frail glassy/ceramic appearance when cut and polished.? Missouri is actually a region rich in impact sites, and is an abundant source of specimens as a result.
Kem Kem #3, Unclassified ? 1.31g part slice ? 15$
This was acquired from Arizona Meteorites and will have their informational card accompanying, as well as my provenance.
Kem Kem is the name of a geological flat bed region in the Sahara desert bordering Morocco and Algeria.? Prior to the ?NWA? era of meteorite classification, specimens found in the Kem Kem flats were simply called ?Kem Kem?.?
Libyan Desert Glass, Impact Glass ? 7.2g individual ? 15$
Most people are familiar with Libyan Dessert Glass, the beautiful, often smoky and partially opaque impact glass from the country of its namesake.? I originally acquired this through Thomas Stadler at Sahara Gems, purchased with another larger specimen.? I was only given one specimen card for the two specimens so I will provide a copy of that provenance as well as my own provenance.
Norton County, Aubrite ? 0.168g part slice ? 15$
Specimen will come with my provenance card, as well as the provenance of the two previous collectors before me.
Norton County is a rare classification, an Aubrite, and also a witnessed USA fall from 1948.? A bright fireball and loud noises were heard overhead and soon after a widespread showering of fragments fell in the areas of Norton County, Kansas, and Furnas County, Nebraska.?
Canyon Diablo, IAB Iron ? 16.2g etched part slice ? 16$
Most people are familiar with the Canyon Diablo meteorite.? I originally purchased this piece from Mike Miller years ago, but it did not come with a specimen card.? There is a small amount of rust developing at the top of it.? Still an attractive specimen.? Will come with my provenance card.
Canyon Diablo Impactite, Impact Glass ? 1.0g individual ? 15$
Canyon Diablo Impactite, Impact Glass ? 0.9g individual ? 15$
Both of these where purchased from Adam Hupe a few years back and will come with Hupe specimen card, as well as my own provenance card.
NWA 8744, Diogenite ? Sub-gram fragment ? 10$
I purchased a small lot of fragments from Greg Hupe, this piece being one of those.? Will be accompanied by a copy of the one Hupe card that accompanied them, as well as my provenance card.
This is a recently classified Diogenite which was made available by the Greg Hupe.? It is relatively unique in that the matrix of these specimens contain abundant vesicles, which is a feature more commonly seen in Lunar breccias.?
NWA XXX, Unclassified ? 36.6g individual ? 10$
This is a small, rounded NWA unclassified with roughly 60% primary fusion crust coverage, and some secondary and tertiary coverage.? It?s a small enjoyable specimen at a good price.? Was purchased from a lot of NWA XXX years ago, and was advertised to me as having been picked between 2000-2010.? Will have my specimen card accompanying.
NWA XXX, Unclassified ? 868.8g individual ? 99$
This is a big honking specimen with a good feel in the hand.? It has about 50% primary fusion crust covering two rounded sides, and the remaining portions are fragmented or covered in secondary and tertiary fusion crust.? Again, was purchased from a lot of NWA XXX years ago, and was advertised as being picked between 2000-2010.? Will have my specimen card accompanying.??
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