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Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 16:52:52 -0400
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A few items available on the new M3 site (m3t3orit3s.com -

-- Framed Chelyabinsk Artifact, Limited Edition of 12
Authentic framed limited edition (of 12) broken glass artifact from
Baturinskiy Razrez window, one of only three such windows thoroughly
documented from, and shattered by, the massive Chelyabinsk event of February
15, 2013. (you probably read about it in the last 2 issues of "Space Rocks

-- New Eucrite: NWA 10327
Achondrite (Eucrite, melt breccia) fragmental, equilibrated basaltic eucrite
grains set in a eucritic melt rock.
Several slices are avail. I have a few others here, so let me know if you
are interested in other slices.

-- NWA 5597
HED Diogenite (ADIO) - Fresh 119 g specimen with green matrix and ink black
fusion crust coating ~ 60 percent oft he meteorite?s surface.

-- Katol, L6 Chondrite
This 157 gm katol split individual was found and documented (no. 18) in the
India team?s catalog. The original weight, before cutting, was 162.1 gm.

-- SaU 001, L5 Chondrite
This 3.766 kg SaU 001 specimen was found in the early 2000?s on the initial
Russian expedition in Oman.

More pictures and descriptions are available on the site.
If you have any questions, ping me off list and I'll be happy to answer.

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