[meteorite-list] Another Land Grab In Nevada And Utah!

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Protected from what, citizens and non-citizens trying to enjoy the

If thieves want to get to the these archeological sites, remove dinosaur
tracks or go after fossils, blocking roads will make it simpler for them.
There will be nobody else around, since this land can no longer be used for
recreational purposes, to watch over these treasures. All of the protection
built into the great pyramids in Egypt did very little to stop looters.
There is such thing as overregulation which usually results in the lose of
freedom. I do not take it lightly when some idiotic bureaucrat takes these
freedoms away.

You can stick to paved roads but many of us prefer to actually enjoy public
lands that were intended for public use by our forefathers.

It will not be long before meteorite hunters are considered thieves due to
the ridiculous 1906 Antiquities laws which were never intended to
nationalize vast areas of land without any public input whatsoever.

The meteorite collection weight limit on public land has now been reduced to
Zero pounds.


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> He also protected thousands of archaeological sites, dinosaur tracks,
> fossils,....... Thousands more square miles need to be protected too, as
> soon as possible.
> Thank you Mr. President.
> Anne M. Black
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> Stupidity. An urban-dwelling bureaucrat trying to set a record and
> control
> vast areas of the United States by nationalizing it. Come on, 29 separate
> land grabs representing over 553 million acres now off-limits to off-road
> enthusiasts, hunters, rock hounds and meteorite hunters? It seems the
> idiots in Washington DC. don't care about recreational land use and want
> everybody to be herded like cattle on the paved and decaying
> infrastructure.
> I hope this generation appreciates the little freedom we have left out.
> Wide open ranges and public land used for public purposes are quickly
> becoming a thing of the past.
> Adam
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> Adam, List,
> I've not seen the boundary lines for the Gold Butte closure but I think
> it's
> safe to say a large portion of the Nevada side Gold Basin strewn field is
> now off limits, how unfortunate.
> Sincerely,
> Larry Atkins
> IMCA # 1941
> Ebay alienrockfarm
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