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Doug mentioned water issues in Costa Rica and beautiful birds. I feel your
fundraising is going to a good cause. His post reminded me of working some
properties here in Nevada, the driest state in the nation.

People have been fighting over water for thousands of years. I have a few
water fights of my own including a reservoir owner who placed a diversion
canal and dam on our Cherry Creek Ranch without any form of agreement,
easement or ingress/egress permission. This greedy person, hiding behind an
LLC, thought that since our ranch wasn't being used for productive purposes
in his opinion, nobody would notice that 3,207 feet of creek, a spring and a
tributary on our private property had been diverted by a 2,600 plus foot
canal (1,616 feet of it on our property), not to mention a dam. I do not
see what right others think they have on how private property is being used.
What is wrong with simply enjoying the beauty of it and using it for
recreational purposes only (meteorite and mineral hunting)? Some people
have no respect for others private property making this yet another matter
for the courts to decide. Pretty soon, only private land will be
searchable here in the US at the rate public land is being nationalized so
it is good to respect others private property and always seek permission.
Doug's post reminded me of the September Team LunarRock hunt, the first time
that all of it was conducted on private property in the driest state in the
nation. Thank you for letting me vent.

Here is an image of my wife with her new friend "Zee", a neighboring
rancher's dog. Note how dry the land is, perfect for meteorite hunting but
little else.

Although most of the property is bone dry, there is a hidden gem. A
mountain fed, year-round creek runs thought the rear of the property named
Kingston Creek. The brush bordering the creek was so thick that we could
not get to the rear gate of our ranch. We naively thought that we could
hack through the brush with a machete. A neighbor offered us a chainsaw but
we later chose a more effective method:

A small track-hoe was the right tool for the job. It is also a good machine
to get into gold-bearing pockets in tight spaces. Perhaps it could be used
to drag a giant iron meteorite onto one of our properties like the
Willamette, if one were ever so lucky. Dreams are free, pursuing them is

A friendly neighbor helping out while I took a break and watched.

We can finally see the rear gate:

Zee says, "I know there is gold here, told you so!"

What the creek looks like cleared out. Now we can fish for trout, pan for
gold or rest in the shade after a long meteorite hunt on the dry, sparsely
vegetated parts of this private land:

Another waterfront ranch on the Humboldt River will provide us with a much
larger project, We had to travel along the California Trail to get to this
property on our September Team LunarRock hunt.

Team LunarRock hunt on our Humboldt River ranch.

Team member barley visible on top of hill screaming success:

Meteorites and artifacts are not the only things that can be hunted, a
highly warn game trail:

I will stick to meteorite hunting, a group of wild turkeys:

Another view of the river:

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