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Graham, Sure, today you need an export permit even for stones found prior to the ban. However , There is no law against selling items that were already exported prior to the ban. So, I'm sure these are OK to sell. Besides that, Michael is in the USA. I'm quite sure there is no US law which prohibits any sale of these meteorites. Period. Thanks. Carl

Carl Esparza

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> Hi Michael,
>                    When I saw  this message on the meteorite list today I was more than a bit concerned about the legalities of this transaction and am only Asking if you got the appropriate Certification for these meteorites.
> You Wrote
> (I have made a major purchase of an entire lot of Camel Donga, Eucrite from Australia. These have been in private collection for years.
> I have a kilo of small stones, from less than 1 gram to 32.86 grams.
> Oriented stones $25.00 gram
> Regular stones, $20.00 gram
> almost all of these are 100% glossy fusion-crusted. 
> email for photos and approximate size you want. Most are under 10 grams. 
> I can sell dealer lots as well. 
> Michael Farmer)
> As export of ALL Australian Meteorites are illegal without an export permit, or Certificate from the Museum from the state they were found in. 
> It is no longer acceptable to say they were found in the 1980s before the laws came into effect as it only covers those sent before this date and does not cover any still in Australia!
> I trust you have obtained the said documentation for each meteorite you purchased or one covering the whole collection and you must give a copy to each person who buys from you?
> I see a lot of Australian Meteorites for sale by I.M.C.A. sellers that do not have the appropriate certificates that must be supplied when they are purchased from them?
> I am not singling you out Michael nor saying you are doing something illegal, I am just letting all my Fellow IMCA members know that without the appropriate certification no Australian meteorites can be purchased from here and sold overseas without contacting the appropriate museum beforehand.
> Cheers to all
> Graham Macleod
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