[meteorite-list] Moon Express & NWA 5000 - Accidental?

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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 13:59:47 -0400
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Hello All,

I would like to congratulate Naveen Jain and his Moon Express Team for
furthering their goal towards being the first private company to land on
Earth's Moon and to eventually utilize its resources for the advancement of
mankind. With today's news, Moon Express has the green light to set its
course and landing for 2017.

What does this mean - Fuel. Helium-3 is abundant on our moon, but did you
know that it is also abundant in lunar meteorite Northwest Africa 5000 (NWA
5000)?! I didn't truly appreciate the gravity of that fact until, in 2011,
I sold and personally delivered a complete slice of NWA 5000 to Naveen on
the behalf of partners/owners of the slice at the time, Jeff Krosschell and
Adam Hupe. At that time, the 'Ambassador Slice' was the only complete slice
available of NWA 5000 and to this day Naveen has reassured its namesake
through his worldwide showing of this amazing slice. Who would have thought
that a 'simple' meteorite could unite, or ignite a World?

Naveen & Greg in 2011 discussing Helium-3 in lunar meteorite Northwest
Africa 5000 (NWA 5000):

Space.com article:

Best Regards,

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