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I nominate a new term to describe a swampy area where a meteorite
falls - the strewnswamp.

Best regards,


On 4/3/16, MexicoDoug via Meteorite-list
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> Thanks Rob! Does being there 4 days before the fall figure in anywhere? :-)
> Though Larry may not have been first on the field, nor found the first, or
> for all I know, the last one ... his dedication and larger specimen is a
> fresh virgin princess IMO! I really hope the temptation to expose the fresh
> interior never arises.
> It would be very instructive to know the weight of the current main mass as
> found and then as well dried, as I can easily see 100 or more grams of water
> taken up by it, a real consideration for reporting the weights of most of
> these stones.
> Kindest wishes
> Doug
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> Congratulations to Mike, Larry, Laura, Josh and Brendan for their
> aggressiveness ingetting to the fall location quickly and their persistence
> in the face of veryunfavorable searching conditions (SWAMP!) It is an
> impressive feat that anythingwas found at all, even with the nice radar
> returns.I have one correction: I'm pretty sure Larry was the second on the
> scene. SteveArnold drove all night from Arkansas to arrive (I believe) the
> morning afterthe fall -- Monday, January 25. --Rob-----Original
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> Meteorite ListSubject: [meteorite-list] Osceola Meteorite is
> Official!Osceola meteorite is official, approved by NonCom and entered into
> theMet Bull today -
> http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=63109Osceola
> 30?27.16?N, 82?27.25?WFlorida, USAConfirmed fall: 2016 Jan 24Classification:
> Ordinary chondrite (L6)History: (Mike Hankey, Larry Atkins, Laura Atkins,
> Josh Adkins,Brendan Fallon, Robert Matson, Marc Fries) On Sunday Morning
> 24January at 10:27 EST (15:27 UTC) a large daytime fireball streakedacross
> the sky in northern Florida. Over 100 eyewitnesses reported theevent to the
> American Meteor Society (Event 2016-266), describing awhite sparkling head
> and plume of white smoke left behind. Fireballresearchers Marc Fries and Rob
> Matson, found the American MeteorSociety witness trajectory intersected with
> a group of radar returnsthat appeared shortly after the fall. The radar
> returns were strong,found at multiple altitudes and located on multiple
> stations: KJAX,KVAX and KTHL. Larry Atkins was the first on the scene. Mike
> Hankeyarrived 5 days after the fall with Brendan Fallon and joined Larry
> andLaura Atkins in the hunt. On the 6th day, Mike Hankey found the
> firststone at 8.5 g on the eastern edge of the primary radar return. Within2
> hours Larry Atkins found the second stone (18.5 g) directly underthe radar.
> The next day, two more stones were found: a 5.5 g stone byLaura Atkins and a
> 48.5 g stone by Mike Hankey. Six days later over 2miles away from the first
> find, an 839 g mass was found by Josh Adkinsand Brendan Fallon. A week after
> that, Larry Atkins found the laststone, weighing 75.5 g. In total 6 stones
> were found over a three weekhunting period for a total weight of 990.5
> g.Physical characteristics: Thin, well formed shiny fusion crust coversthe
> exterior of four of the stones, while two of them, the 43 g andthe 839 g are
> matte black. This is likely due to submersion in wetsand and/or water prior
> to recovery. Some small rust spots are evidenton some of the stones as well.
> Small regmaglypts are present on the 43g and the 839 g stones, and the
> remaining stones are irregularlyshaped with little to no orientation. Some
> chondrules are visiblethrough the crust. The interior of the meteorites are
> slightlydarkened due to shock. Shock veins are present, some of which
> areblack while others are filled with metal, appearing as long "strings"up
> to 3 mm long. Though most of the chondrules have been altered andare not
> well defined, some rare, large chondrules up to 0.8 mm
> arepresent.Petrography: Plagioclase grains are up to 100 ?m in size,
> consistentwith type 6. No maskelynite was found. There are
> numerouschromite-plagioclase assemblages, consistent with moderately
> strongshock. Chromite grains are fractured. Troilite is
> polycrystalline.Metallic copper occurs as 2-?m-thick bands at the
> metal-troiliteinterface in an opaque assemblage. The chondrules are
> recrystallizedand poorly defined. The only discernible chondrules are large
> ones,800-1000 ?m across; these are BO and PO textural types.Geochemistry:
> Olivine Fa23.7?0.3 (n=21), OrthopyroxeneFs20.2?0.2Wo1.6?0.2 (n=14). Also
> present are small grains of diopside:Fs7.4 Wo44.9 (n=1). Plagioclase has a
> mean composition of Ab71.7?1.6Or8.8?2.5 (n=8); the low Na and high K values
> are a result of shock.Specimens: 21.8 g at
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