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Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2016 21:20:36 -0400
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Hi Rob, All,

Steve may have beat me there, I'm not sure. I arrived sometime in the a.m. the day after the fall.

Larry Atkins
IMCA # 1941

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Hi Mike -- best of luck on your next trip out there. For everyone to appreciate
just how hard the searching is there, it would be great if those that have been
could provide an estimate of how many hours they spent. Mexico Doug put in
a LOT of time out there. Obviously so did Larry, Mike, Laura, Josh and Brendan.
Steve Arnold was there at least 2 or 3 days but unfortunately w/o a space rock
for his troubles.


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Hi Rob and List,

I can attest to the difficult terrain. I certainly picked a doozie for
my first meteorite hunt. Even though I have hiked much of Florida's
forests and backwoods, I usually avoid the swampy areas. I did not
have the luxury of avoiding swamp with this hunt. I brought my
hip-waders and managed to reach a few dry places that were surrounded
by water, but nothing was found. I am heading back before the end of
April for one last college try before I hang it up.

Did Arkansas Steve find anything?

Best regards and Happy Huntings,



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