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E.P. Grondine wrote,

"Hi Paul, all
A preview of fall TV shows:
I never heard of Randall Carson - has anyone here heard of him? "

In slumming on the Graham Hancock Messageboard, I have
become aware of him. Randall and Graham seem to be kindred
souls in being contrarians and independent investigators into
and advocates for matters that they judge to be unfairly
overlooked by convential science and labeled either "alt-history"
 and "alternative history." Some people, whom I know have far
less diplomatic and kinders lables for their interests.

Randall regards himself as self taught expert in whole range
of subjects, including geomythology, geology, catatsrophist,
planetary geologist, scared geometry, and so forth and an able
teacher of all the above. People can judge for themselves
how well Randall's self-evaluation of his expertise either
matches or mismatches reality by listening or reading his
own views at:

1. Sacred Geometry International (Featured Posts)
http://sacredgeometryinternational.com ,
http://sacredgeometryinternational.com/category/media/articles ,
and https://www.facebook.com/sacredgeometryintl

2. Randall Carlson and Joe Rogan Discuss Lost Civilizations,
Climate Change, Sacred Geometry, Freemasonry and
Rewriting History with Graham Hancock ? JRE #606 by SGI

3. Randall Carlson: The Making of a Catastrophist ? Part 1
by Randall Carlson

By the way, an advanced discussing of their new book Magicians
of the Gods can be found in "EXCLUSIVE: Comet 'three times
bigger than dinosaur killer could soon destroy Earth' A
TWENTY-mile wide piece of a huge comet poses a "clear and
present" danger to 'all life on Earth,' a controversial new book
by a bestselling author claims," by Jon Austin, Express, Sept. 2015.

It appears that this book has a quite different view of the
Younger Dryas Impact hypothesis than has appeared in the
"Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United
States" and other journals. This book appears will be not at
all helpful, as assumed by some people, at making their ideas
known among the public in a constructive manner. It might
end up as a classic case of be careful what you wish for as you
might get it. It will be very interesting to see how it all eventual
turns out.

Ed also stated:

"To my knowledge, the FIRST suggestion that the YD
impacts may have triggered a release of Glacial Lake
Missoula was made by me to the meteorite list several years
back in regards to Assiniboine memories of what occurred."

The latest megaflood from Glacial Lake Missoula has been
very intensively research. At this point, there is absolutely no
need to invoke an exterestrial impact for the latest Missoula
Flood event as a more plausible explanation has been well-
documented in numerous publications. For example, go see:

DeGrey, L., and P. K. Link, 2005, Lake Missoula Floods.
(The Pleistocene Ice Age and the Cordilleran Ice
Sheet Ancient Lake Missoula and the Missoula Ice Age
Floods Lasting Effects of the Missoula Ice Age Floods,
Digital Geology Idaho, Idaho State University.

O'Connor, J. E., R. B. Waitt, G. Benito, D. Cordero, and
S. Burns, 1995a, Beyond the Channeled Scabland A field trip
to Missoula flood features in the Columbia, Yakima, and
Walla Walla valleys of Washington and Oregon-Part 1.
Oregon Geology, vol. 57, no. 3, pp. 51-60.

O'Connor, J. E., R. B. Waitt, G. Benito, D. Cordero, and
S. Burns, 1995b, Beyond the Channeled Scabland: A Field
Trip to Missoula Flood Features in the Columbia, Yakima,
and Walla Walla Valleys of Washington and Oregon; Part 2;
Field Trip, Day One. Oregon Geology. v.ol 57, no.4, pp. 75?86.

Norman, D.K., A. J. Busacca, and R. Teissere, 2004,
Geology of the Yakima Valley Wine County? A
Geologic Field Trip Guide from Stevenson to Zillah,
Washington. Field Trip Guide 1 June 2004. Washington
State Department of Natural Resources .

Baker, V. R., and D. Nummedal, eds., 1978, The Channeled
Scabland, NASA, Washington, DC.

There are a number PDf files of fieldtrip guidebook in
Discover the Ice Age Floods ? http://hugefloods.com/Ellensburg.html

Ice Age Floods Study of Alternatives Appendix A
?Reference List ? National Park Service

There are many other papers and PDF files, both online and
behind paywalls.

Also, there exists an abundance of published radiocarbon dates,
optically stimulated luminescence dates, paleosols (inlcuding
interbedded calcretes that took at least thousands to tens of
thousands of years to form), stratigraphic data, dated ash beds,
paleomagentic data, terrestrial trace fossils, and so forth that
documents there having been at least over 40 to over a 100
separated Missoula floods having occurred over the last 1.5
millian years. Missoula-like megafloods definitely occurred
at least more than 780,000 years ago. As a result, a person needs
to explain how the latest Missoula Floods differs the other more
than 40 to 100 other Missoula Floods, which have occurred in the
past, that an extraterrestrial impact is needed to explain it.

A few of many interesting papers are

Gaylord, D. R., A. J. Busacca, and M. R. Sweeney, 2003, The
Palouse loess and the Channeled Scabland: A paired ice-age
geologic system. p. 123-134. In D. Easterbrook (ed.) XVI
INQUA Congress Field Trip Guidebook.

McDonald, E. V. , M. R. Sweeney, and A. J. Busacca, 2012,
Glacial outburst floods and loess sedimentation documented
during Oxygen Isotope Stage 4 on the Columbia Plateau,
Washington State. Quaternary Science Reviews. vol. 45 pp. 18-30

Benito, G., and J. E. O?Connor, 2003, Number and size of
last-glacial Missoula floods in the Columbia River valley
between the Pasco Basin, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.
Geological Society of America Bulletin. vol. 115, no. 5; pp. 624?638


Paul H.
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