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Congrats to Robert Ward for his persistence and diligence in researching this fall.
It was well-earned and deserving that he should make the first find.

The only thing that I can add to this thread is that (over on facebook) Marc Fries has given credit
to Rob Matson for doing the lions-share of crunching-out the numbers regarding the astrometry for this fall.
I'm not subscribed to facebook and can't supply a link, but there is an informative thread over there,
if you can access it. Hadn't seen Rob's name mentioned here, so felt compelled to mention his name, AND
point-out the obvious, that Doppler-weather radar appears to be working again! Hallelujah!!!

Bob V.

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 Date: Thursday, November 19, 2015, 10:59 AM
 Robert Ward is in the
 field in California, and asked me to pass this along
 to the list!? He recovered the first stone
 from the fall, and is continuing
 Make sure to
 click the link below to see the story, along with photos
 Robert on his Website,
 On October 23, 2015, at 0547 UTC, a large
 fireball lit up the rolling hills
 of wine
 country east of Paso Robles.
 The bolide stunned onlookers with a multitude
 of colors as it broke up into
 many pieces.
 The magnitude of the fall was so great that the spectacle
 even observed several states away.
 Dozens of witnesses close to the ground
 path heard sonic booms shortly after the
 fireball terminated.
 By the
 next day, the American Meteor Society had received over 120
 At first I was confused by what I
 saw in the data in the various AMS
 As I sorted through a number of eye witness descriptions, it
 soon clear that there were two events
 near to one another, both in distance
 in time. I began working through the reports from the larger
 individually, narrowing down the area
 to San Luis Obispo County. And
 focusing on
 eye witness reports in this area, I found one report in
 particular that caught my attention. The eye
 witness reported what sounded
 bombs falling," and that the meteor had passed directly
 I contacted Marc
 Fries with the location and suggested the fall was probably
 within a few miles of the eye witnesses
 location. Within minutes, Marc found
 returns in the area that corresponded with the time of the
 On October 27th, my
 wife Anne Marie and I arrived in the area under the
 returns Marc Fries had discovered. Within
 twenty minutes, we found a stone
 that had
 hit a metal fence post and shattered, showering the road
 with fragments. We recovered
 395.7 grams of material from the site and
 subsequently reassembled the majority of the
 More here, with pictures:
 We'll be posting more
 pictures, information and details on the expedition as
 the hunt progresses.
 Sean Murray
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