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I was just having this conversation the other day - about how the eBay
meteorite market has fallen out. There was a time when I could browse
the offerings, place some bids, and win a few specimens at a very good
price - cheap enough to flip and make a profit on. Those days are
over. Sure, there are still tons of meteorites on eBay, but the
prices are almost always at full retail. There are very few eBay
sellers now who offer .99 cent auctions. The majority of listings are
Buy it Now or the starting bid is a defacto Buy It Now price.

eBay meteorite auctions fall into a few broad categories :

1) fakes or misrepresented pieces.

2) overpriced low-end pieces (Campo crystals for $1/g or more.)

3) top-dollar, high-end pieces most cannot afford ($50,000 slab of
pallasite anyone?)

4) sellers who are not dealers who only sell when they are in a
financial pinch. (Collectors mostly)

I keep my eyes peeled for auctions in category #4 - it's the only time
you can get prices below retail or with enough meat left on the bone
to make a profit for resale.

There are a handful of dealers who still regularly offer great
specimens at good prices, and I am thankful those dealers are still
willing to offer reasonable deals on a dying venue (eBay). Once this
handful of dealers finally give up on eBay, we can play a collective
Taps song for the eBay meteorite market.

I do not have the financial resources or ability to travel
extensively, so the high-end market will likely remain well out of my
reach. But, there is a thriving market for micromounts and I am happy
to supply that market of low-budget collectors - it keeps me busy. :)

Best regards,


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On 5/31/15, Michael Farmer via Meteorite-list
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> Great photos Greg, I know that conference table well:) Yes it takes ambition
> and drive to succeed in order to rise up in times of adversity, ambition
> that is lacking in most people. Some people just want the buyers to call
> them while they sit on their sofa,  and today that just isn't going to
> happen. The sales won't come to you, you must jump on planes or in your car
> and travel far and wide to get the customers who make things happen. eBay
> sales have fallen as the meteorite and fake meteorite count has risen to a
> massive clutter where finding the good stuff amid the crap is now
> impossible. I can't even recall the last time I looked on eBay for
> something. The high-end of the market has been on fire for years at the same
> time the low end collapsed and with the never-ending flood of Moroccan
> material overwhelming the collector, the only way to make a living has been
> to abandon the low end market and just cater to the more serious buyers. I
> have tons of material in storage which is safe and sound awaiting the normal
> market to pick back up. For now I'll just keep plugging away at the top end
> and leave the eBay crumb and scrap market to others.
> That's not to say I don't work with small material, I just do it on more of
> a request basis not a daily priority, if you want something, contact me, we
> can find it or provide it most likely, but I'm not going to spend 10 hours a
> day working on eBay like I did for more than a decade. It's just not worth
> the trouble and scammer problems.
>  Those who refuse to move with the times are doomed to fall to the side.
> eBay had its time, now that time has passed.
> Michael Farmer
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>> On May 31, 2015, at 8:54 AM, Greg Hupe via Meteorite-list
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>> Hello All,
>> When it comes to planetary meteorites, other high end pieces and new
>> 'markets', you have to be willing to do in-depth research, study your
>> potential clients and dress the part. You need to be willing to invest
>> even more past the cost of the meteorite(s) and fly around the world to do
>> special presentations for them and anyone they invite. The cost of
>> airfare, hotels, car rentals and other expenses are nothing when catering
>> to the high end market and well worth the sacrifice of personal time. This
>> obviously does not apply to broken down little pieces that you would find
>> on eBay. We are talking about world class, museum quality, one-of-a-kind
>> natural masterpieces (yes, some cut and polished slices or end pieces). I
>> have placed high end planetary meteorites with Fortune 200 CEO's and
>> owners of companies that are transforming life on earth for us all and for
>> the better.
>> I have been lived and breathed this method of non-standard meteorite
>> marketing for the last 11 years, especially in the last four with great
>> success. I have even sold other people's high end planetary meteorites to
>> my new client base, placing items that were otherwise too expensive for
>> the old and extinct methods.
>> I agree that one must be willing to evolve with the times, the 2008 market
>> crash forced me to think outside of my comfort zone and evolve as well.
>> Here are some images from one of my special presentations of lunar
>> meteorite NWA 5000.
>> 1) Face-to-face presentations are necessary for placing high end
>> meteorites.
>> http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/Meteorite_Presentations/Presentation1.jpg
>> 2) Astronaut Ed Lu taking in the large specimens.
>> http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/Meteorite_Presentations/Presentation2.jpg
>> 3) Ed Lu pointing out special characteristics of NWA 5000.
>> http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/Meteorite_Presentations/Presentation3.jpg
>> 4) It really does not get any better than this, NWA 5000 masses.
>> http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/Meteorite_Presentations/Presentation4.jpg
>> 5) She was over 'Over the Moon' by the shear size of the NWA 5000 masses.
>> http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/Meteorite_Presentations/Presentation5.jpg
>> 6) It's not every day that you get to fist bump astronaut Ed Lu.
>> http://www.naturesvault.net/Images/Meteorite_Presentations/Presentation6.jpg
>> I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did flying around the world
>> presenting these!
>> Best Regards,
>> Greg
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