[meteorite-list] Lunar meteorites selling for peanuts

From: Carl Agee <agee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 10:10:00 -0600
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Supply and demand could be part of the story for lunars, maybe not for
martians. Here are the numbers for just new NWA lunars since 2010:

2010: 11
2011: 6
2012: 4
2013: 13
2014: 25

Here is the same time frame for NWA Martians:

2010: 11
2011: 6
2012: 4
2013: 10
2014: 12

Of course hidden in these numbers are TKW, quality, pairing, and type.
Obviously rarities like mare basalts, nakhlites, and chassignites
shouldn't be seeing price drops or decrease in demand. Not to mention
unique martians like NWA 7034 (Black Beauty) and NWA 8159. Maybe the
drop in price/demand is most pronounced in types that are most common
such as the lunar feldspathic breccias.

Just my opinion, but I don't think lunars will ever become as cheap as
eucrites, I think they are still quite rare on Earth and will be a
good long term investment. Maybe we are just seeing an anomaly in the
lunar offerings because a few recent big TKW finds of lunars. Who

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On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 2:46 PM, Shawn Alan via Meteorite-list
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> Hello Listers
> I am starting to see a trend with Lunar and Martian meteorites, but
> especial with Lunar's. Some can be had for $300 per gram or less, or
> some times on ebay you can get a steal on some of the 1g plus sizes for
> less then $400 a gram. But again at the sub gram leave the price is
> still in the high $500 to $800 per gram which is expected at that size.
> My question is, is there new product on the market or has planataries
> shifted in value?
> Shawn Alan
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