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Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 21:01:01 -0400
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As I said before Michael, this is a good thing you do!

All best to Marissa and happy hunting for her.

Regards, John
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Hello, List!

I am happy to provide you all with this final update for Marissa's
meteorite hunt. The next report will be pictures from the field! In
one week Marissa will board a plane and begin her trip of a lifetime.
She has finished her semester at school (passed all her classes!) and
is getting all her gear together that has been purchased. All travel
and lodging requirements have been taken care of, including trip
insurance for Marissa should anything come up at the last minute. She
has shared photos of her hunting gear on Club Space Rock, please click
the link the check it out:

In addition to her powered wheel chair we have purchased a manual
"bubble chair" that is designed to be used on sand. If her powered
chair gets bogged down during the hunt we can switch to the back-up
which will be carried into the field on the roof rack of my 4x4. This
chair is being shipped directly to the town in Nevada where we are

If any of you use twitter please be sure to follow her meteorite hunt
account, https://twitter.com/mfanady. I will attempt to live tweet
from the field (reception permitting), but at the very least we will
send out some tweets each night when we return to the hotel.

Thank you all again for your support, and here's to a successful hunt!

Michael in so. Cal.

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