[meteorite-list] Unusual phenomen during etching iron meteorites

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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 22:57:26 +0200
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Dear meteorite friends.
Tooday I etched some Maslyanino slices and beetween 10 of them, two slices
do not want start etching. I was able to capture this very strange phenomen
with my macro lens. I cant explain this. Maybe someone can ?

Let me explain whats going on here.
Normaly, when slice is placed in etching solution, etching starts
immediately in the same second. But rarely, I can keep slice even 5 or 10
minutes without any signs of etching. On this video, there is one of 10
slices of Maslyanino that comes from same slice divided to smaller
specimens, so material was prepared 100% the same. Only two of this 10
slices can't be etched in normal way. They need a starter. This mean I need
to scratch them with other slice to start etching. This is visible at 1:40
when I finally use correct slice to start etch reaction. You can see then
how solution move from the place of scratch in all direction and etching
starts immediatelly.


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