[meteorite-list] Retractable meteorite cane found while hunting formeteorites.

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That's cool, Sonny.

In February I found a SOG knife on a dry lake bed in Nevada while 'finding'
meteorites and mentioned I found "a knife". A friend asked if it was a,
"Gray SOG knife found on Dry Lake ____...". Sure enough it was his that he
lost two years prior and that it was a special gift from his son. I was
happy to return it back to him after it had a short vaca in Florida.
Needless to say Jim W. was absolutely thrilled to have it back! :)

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Hi All,

I have been out exploring areas in Nevada and Utah for meteorites and photo
opportunities. It is amazing how many unique treasures you are able to find.
Not to mention
the wildlife and weather events. I hope to post a few pictures later. I did
find a retractable meteorite cane on a lake bed. Not the treasure I was
hoping for! It looks like it has been lying on the lake bed surface for a
year or two but still in great shape. Email off list if you think this is
yours and want it back.



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