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Dear List Members,

I promised an update on the Giant Meteorite hunt in Northern Nevada last
June. I took thousands of images so it was hard to pick out just a few.
Most new Team LunarRock members did not want their images posted to the
internet so many great shots had to be left out. This was a 1,700 plus
mile endeavor with much of it off road. Although the only meteorite we saw
was in Gold Field, Nevada in an antique shop, we did find some treasure. We
also picked up many leads on "Curious Steel Rocks" that were setting off
metal detectors at the end of commercial mining sluice boxes. We will
follow up on these leads hopefully in September and make another attempt at
reaching the "Giant Meteorite."

We made it to within 1.3 miles of the suspected "Giant Meteorite" and were
chased off by a funnel cloud, lightning and hail.

Funnel cloud that chased us away from giant meteorite:

1860s field house where sough shelter from an intense storm:

My wife, Zann and I acquired two more ranches at a Pershing County Cash Land
Auction and got to meet one of our neighbors for the first time while
attempting to get to our gold-bearing Humboldt River property. He was
concerned about how the property was going to be used. He was happy to hear
that we were repurposing the ranch for recreational and gold hunting
purposes and there would be no problem with our cattle mixing with his since
we have none. It is best to get along with ranchers since they have a
wealth of knowledge. He provided invaluable information on how to get onto
the defunct California Trail which leads through our property. It was also
noted that a large pond on our ranch was used as a stop-over oasis by
immigrants using the California Wagon Trail.

Image of argument with rancher:

Image of California Trail. It was difficult following the old wagon train
tracks which did not match the width of my Jeep tires so we bobbled in and
out of them.

Trail obstacle, boiling mud:

Predator that gave up the ghost from toxic fumes near boiling mud pit:

One list member mentioned it was good to knock down PVC pipes since they
kill birds. It looks like some environmentalist took it upon themselves to
knock down every claim marker for several square miles near the famous,
Poker Brown gold mine in Rye Patch, Nevada. I would not advise doing this
as you are likely to get shot since prospectors carry a $10,000.00 MineLab
metal detector on one side of their horse and a high-powered carbine rifle
on the other. It would be better to shove a rock in the end of the pipes to
block birds from flying into them.

We are excited to return to Rye Patch since we acquired some private acreage
in the middle of one of the world's best gold placer hunting spots. We are
only a few thousand feet from the famous Poker Brown mine so we can hardly
wait to have this pristine property assessed this September.

Knocked down claim markers:

Abandoned mine shaft:

Explosives shack:

Rye Patch Gold:



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