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From: Greg Hupé <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 16:02:28 -0400
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Hello Bernd and All,

Maybe 'Social Media Overload'? I have been talking with several friends over
the last few months about the dramatic slowdown [from last two years] which
has many contributing factors, none of which is purely; MetList Forum,
Facebook, Twitter or any of the other outlets of info... almost a 'Quiet
Before the Storm' effect. It may be an indication of 'The Market' and/or
'Supply & Demand' which has been very tough since 2008 and even more since
one year ago in 'my' experience and dealings. I should look up at the sky
and see if the birds are heading in an odd direction for this time of

Best Regards,

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> ... or have I been dropped?

Hello Tracy, Greg, List,

No, you haven't been dropped but the frequency of contributions
has dropped considerably. Interestingly, the same phenomenon on
Geoff's CSR forum and even on our German forum.

Best from Germany,



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