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Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 18:17:43 -0700
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Hi Bob -

100-150 parent bodies now, but was there a parent body for them?

One whose disruption led to the LPBE, and the shift of the outer gas giants?

How does a person account for the formation of peridot in iron without one?

No doubt gravitational effects shift Long Period Comets onto the plane of the planets, but perhaps
many don't get that far and "accrete" before then.

It is interesting that Hoba has no crater. I guess we'll see how this meteorite search goes.

Such Grand Problems. I tend to work with the little ones.


There are many more parent bodies for meteorites - at least 100-150 at
last count. As for comets, they have orbital inclinations at every
imaginable angle, so his hypothesis that most impacts are at 23.5?
can't be due to comets. You're right about not knowing the composition
of comet centers, but given their generally tiny size, the likelihood
of them differentiating to produce an iron core is very remote. Their
very iciness implies they didn't differentiate to a significant
Asteroids are also inclined at a variety of angles with the average
inclination of 8.2? of the ecliptic plane.
While I wish him well in his research and hope he finds meteorite
fragments in every dry lake, his understanding of comets vs. asteroids
seems flawed to me as does the idealized 23.5? angle of entry.
Best wishes and good luck with the Brenham artifact project.
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