[meteorite-list] Introducing NWA 8534 - the 1st CM1/2 Ever Offered For Sale

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Friable, you say, does that mean it is highly shocked?
What is its shock-value on the 1 to 5 scale? I don't see it on the

Anne M. Black
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Good Morning Met-list,

Today I'm Introducing the only CM1/2 ever offered for sale!

NWA 8534 (CM1/2) Carbonaceous Meteorite

Here is one of the rarest carbonaceous meteorites ever found. This
ultra-cool meteorite is classified as a CM1/2 - it's a type of
carbonaceous meteorite that has NEVER been found outside of Antarctica
and therefor never before offered for sale.
Although this small stone (under 100 grams) is very fresh it was
already broken into small fragments when found. The obvious reason is
because it is very friable - much like Orgueil and Ivuna (CI1) -and is
probably the reason for the rarity of such meteorites.

Special thanks to Dr Carl Agee and Dr Karen Ziegler (UNM) for their
persistence in what was probably not an easy classification.

Fragments are very light weight and so even small pieces look huge.

I've already sold to several Museums/Universities that will continue
to study this rare meteorite.

Rock On!
Ruben Garcia
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