[meteorite-list] Heritage Auction has 51 meteorite u for sale

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Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 09:00:18 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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Hi All,

Heritage will sell anything. They are always short on technical info in their lot descriptions because they are marketing to the uninformed. All they want to do is make money on both ends of the deal and hope the buyer is some person who sees the pretty picture and reads the idiotic and repetitive description and decides to buy because it's "you know...a meteorite like I saw sold on Pawn Brokers for $4,2000! (Unclassified 300/400 gram NWA)....and George would really like it on his desk".

PT had it right. "There's a sucker born every minute".


Count Deiro
IMCA 3536

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>I Shawn and all,
> This community doesn't care for paying 10% buyer's premium.
>How do you think they feel about paying 25% buyer's premium?
> I was personally struck with the lack of information when I
>Checked out the $12,500.00 minimum bid S-A as I could find no
>Mention anywhere as to what the weight was....it was nice to look
>At but I was left with no idea as to whether it was 35 grams or 35 kilos.
> Best to all,
> Michael
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>> Hello Listers
>> For those of you looking for some magnificent meteorites, look no
>> further. Heritage Auction house has some
>> great meteoritic samples up for auction. Take a look at the link down
>> below and enjoy.
>> http://fineart.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?Ne=2130&N=50+793+794+792+2088+429494
>> 4482+2305
>> S
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