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Dar el Kahal meteorite - This is an aesthetically-pleasing meteorite
with a wind-polished crust and a matrix that is loaded with glittering
flecks of nickel-iron. A sizeable quantity of this meteorite was
discovered in 2013 in the remote Saharan desert in Mali. I recently
acquired about a half-kilo of this meteorite in the form of large
fragments, which I cut down into slabs. These make good cabinet or
hand specimens for collectors. Listed below are links to my remaining
pieces - these are the last of my Dar el Kahal offerings and I do not
forsee getting more in the future. I am offering them at below market
value because I got a screaming deal on it and can pass some of the
savings along. See the links for photos and descriptions of individual
pieces. Use coupon code "metlist" at checkout for a 20%-discount on
all prices. Every specimen includes an ID card and will be shipped via
USPS First Class mail with tracking. I ship worldwide. #meteorite

slab with fusion crust (49 grams, comes with free riker box) -

slab with fusion crust (38 grams, comes with free riker box) -

slab with fusion crust (29 grams, comes with free riker box) -

slab with fusion crust (21 grams) -

micromount fragment (small fragment, approx. .1g) -

All meteorite specimens -

Almahata Sitta micromounts -

Loose Chondrules -

Witnessed Falls micromounts -

All new offerings - http://www.galactic-stone.com/products/brand-new?pagesize=12

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