[meteorite-list] AD: Big 5 kg UNWA chondrite, Kosice H5 individual + TS Chelyabinsk Collector SET + Chely Thin Section, Tirhert, etc on EBay

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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:12:12 +0200 (CEST)
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*** FOR SALE with price reducing ***

Ending on Weekend some my auctions on E-Bay

Introducing a big MONSTER unclassified chondrite
4838 gr (180x154x110 mm) for 1999USD
BIG regmalypts, nice shape, fresh meteorite from
Morocco. There is a fine Centerpiece in any Meteorite
Collection! There is a probable H chondrite.

KOSICE H5 individual 20.8 gr with contraction cracks,
very nice piece (Slovakia, 2010 fall) - 339USD - very
rare and last pieces on the market.

KOSICE H5 quality Thin Section - FRESH fallen,
SLOVAKIA, from 2010 - just for 49USD

Ultimate Chelyabinsk Collector SET
Chelyabinsk LL5 individual+slice+authentic broken
glass sample+authentic soil sample with GPS
Coordinates Two SET available
- just 79USD and
- 108.80USD (Big endcut!!!)

TIRHERT fresh fall Eucrite from Morocco with authentic
Sahara Sand sample of fallen area (Guelmim-Es-
Semara) in Vial Glass - just 59USD


Ending on Weekend.

Chelyabinsk LL5 Thin Sections (my last one) with
impact melt zones, ring shape chondrula - AWSOME
just for 59 USD

VERY RARE!!! HISTORIC old Hungary Mez?-Madaras
L3.7 from 1852 for JUST 149USD

KOSICE H5 FRESH fallen, SLOVAKIA, from 2010 - just
for 49USD

IMPACTITES - very cheap - every just for 25USD
Azuara, Spain Suvasvesi-S, Finland - rare

IPhone 5/5S plastic cases with meteorite themes
(Themes: Fukang pallasite, Widmanstatten pattern,
NWA6263 CV3 cross-polarized image - Stunning) -

Meteorite Collector Box holders - 2 rows for BIG and 3
rows for Medium Boxes (acryllic, plastic) - 42USD/pair

Slice holders with Neodymium magnet - 21USD/3pcs

If you interest these specimens see here on my E-Bay


Zsolt Kereszty
Received on Fri 17 Oct 2014 07:12:12 AM PDT

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