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Send Your Name on NASA's Mars Journey, Start with Orion
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
October 7, 2014

If only your name could collect frequent flyer miles. NASA is inviting
the public to send their names on a microchip to destinations beyond low-Earth
orbit, including Mars.

Your name will begin its journey on a dime-sized microchip when the agency's
Orion spacecraft launches Dec. 4 on its first flight, designated Exploration
Flight Test-1. After a 4.5-hour, two-orbit mission around Earth to test
Orion's systems, the spacecraft will travel back through the atmosphere
at speeds approaching 20,000 mph and temperatures near 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit,
before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.

But the journey for your name doesn't end there. After returning to Earth,
the names will fly on future NASA exploration flights and missions to
Mars. With each flight, selected individuals will accrue more miles as
members of a global space-faring society.

"NASA is pushing the boundaries of exploration and working hard to send
people to Mars in the future," said Mark Geyer, Orion Program manager.
"When we set foot on the Red Planet, we'll be exploring for all of humanity.
Flying these names will enable people to be part of our journey."

The deadline for receiving a personal "boarding pass" on Orion's test
flight closes Friday, Oct. 31. The public will have an opportunity to
keep submitting names beyond Oct. 31 to be included on future test flights
and future NASA missions to Mars.

To submit your name to fly on Orion's flight test, visit:


Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #JourneyToMars.

For information about Orion and its first flight, visit:


Media Contact

Guy Webster
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
guy.webster at jpl.nasa.gov

Brandi Dean
Johnson Space Center, Houston
brandi.k.dean at nasa.gov

Rachel Kraft / Dwayne Brown
NASA Headquarters, Washington
202-358-1100 / 202-358-1726
rachel.h.kraft at nasa.gov / dwayne.c.brown at nasa.gov

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