[meteorite-list] Kem Kem Meteorites - What the heck are they?

From: Bernd V. Pauli <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 10:05:13 +0000
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MikeG wrote:

I did some extensive browsing through the List archives while trying
to figure out exactly who/where the so-called "Kem Kem" meteorites
originate from.

The answer may be that Kem Kem is the name of a region where NWA
meteorites have been found.

MikeG also wrote:

Some say that Kem Kem is a synonym for at least two different
NWAxxx meteorites, including an L-chondrite and a R-chondrite.

I found "Kem Kem" even four times in my database:

NWA 0032 (LUN-B) was found west of the
Kem Kem plateau (MetBull. 84, 2000, Aug).

NWA 0753 (R3.9) was probably found in the
Kem Kem region (MetBull. 85, 2001, Sep).

NWA 0755 (R3.7) was probably found in the
Kem Kem region (MetBull. 85, 2001, Sep).

NWA 2096 (L3) Possible origin Kem Kem (Met.Bull. 88, A248).

Moreover there is a eucrite (NWA 4051) from the "Kem Kem Basin", Algeria.

Well, now back to MikeG's problem. Michael Casper might have some
pertinent background info because he was the first to offer Kem Kem
in his sales catalog (13 December 1999) on page 14:

KEM KEM. Found August, 1999. Stone. Classification
pending. Kem Kem, Dahara, Morocco.

The smallest fragment he offered weighed 22.4 gr and the
largest 153.6 gr but he added that he had more available.

Best wishes from Germany where
we are having "Father's Day",

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