[meteorite-list] Kem Kem Meteorites - What the heck are they?

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Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 19:47:47 -0400
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Hi List,

I did some extensive browsing through the List archives while trying
to figure out exactly who/where the so-called "Kem Kem" meteorites
originate from. I found much info, but much of it was contradictory.
Some say that Kem Kem is a synonym for at least two different NWAxxxx
meteorites, including an L-chondrite and a R-chondrite. There is
little mention of subsequent Kem Kem finds that are unofficially
numbered by dealers (ex - Kem Kem 3).

I just purchased a small sample of a meteorite sold as "Kem Kem 3".
The seller offered little info, other than the meteorite was purchased
from Geoff Notkin and was found in 1998 in Africa.

Have any of these Kem Kem meteorites been officially classified? If
so, what are the NWA numbers of these? I plan on breaking up this
sample into smaller micromounts, and I am wondering how I should label
them. Should I just put "unclassified" for the type?

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