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Hi Mendy,

All too often the meteorite "art" we see is nothing to get excited
about. Somebody will paint a meteorite, or put a meteorite in clear
resin and call it "art".

But this, this is awesome. Well done. Way out of my price range, but
very well done.

The two that went missing in transit are likely sitting on a thief's
mantle right now. That's a shame.

Best regards,


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On 5/8/14, Mendy Ouzillou via Meteorite-list
<meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
> This item has sold. I will be posting another one soon, so if you are
> interested, please act quickly. These will not (as expected) last long as
> there are a very high number of Josh Simpson collectors.
> Best,
> Mendy
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> From: Mendy Ouzillou [mailto:mendy.ouzillou at gmail.com]
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> Subject: [Ad 1/52]: Art Glass and Meteorites
> Josh Simpson Art Glass 3" Inhabited Planet Paperweight - Chelyabinsk
> Meteorite
> eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251525787344
> For those not familiar with Josh Simpson's work, he is a world famous glass
> artist. His wife is an astronaut who coincidentally has also been to
> Antarctica with ANSMET.
> If interested in buying item outside of eBay, I can provide a $40 discount.
> Shipping is separate.
> As a glass artist myself and art glass collector, I own pieces of Josh
> Simpson's art glass including several of his Inhabited Planets. In June
> 2013, I decided to approach Josh regarding a joint collaboration to create
> an exclusive series of Inhabited Planets containing actual meteorites. With
> the anniversary of the Chelyabinsk fall coming up, we started working
> together to make it happen. First, there was the experimentation to make
> sure that the planets would be stable with the meteorite inclusions. In
> October, I received two prototype planets to evaluate and provide feedback.
> Then, in preparation for the anniversary of the fall that also coincided
> with the Tucson Gem & Mineral show, Josh set about to create the first set
> of six Chelyabinsk Inhabited Planets. The meteorite was crushed and
> powdered
> and used to create the meteor trail and a piece of dichroic glass was used
> for the front of the fiery meteor. The pictures looked amazing, the planets
> were shipped to the hotel in Tucson ... and they were lost in transit never
> to be found again!
> As we both dealt with unfortunate loss, it was time to regroup and get the
> project started again. In April, I received safe and sound the shipment of
> six new 3" inhabited planets and two 3" globes - each unique and amazing.
> Of
> these I am keeping one Inhabited Planet, the two globes have sold and five
> planets remain. These VERY exclusive collectibles are NOT available from
> any
> gallery or dealer. There is also no guarantee that more of these will be
> produced and if more are produced later this year, the total production
> will
> be kept to less than 50 units. Not including the ones that were lost, there
> have been less than 15 Chelyabinsk planets created so far as Josh made a
> few
> for himself as well.
> Each planet is signed by Josh and engraved with "Chelyabinsk Feb. 15, 2013"
> to commemorate the fall. These will also come with a SkyFall Meteorites
> certificate of authenticity.
> Regards,
> Mendy Ouzillou
> IMCA 8395
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