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Date: Mon, 05 May 2014 12:23:47 -0700
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Hello Listers


Has there been North American fall yet this year that is confirmed?

Down below is an article for a confirmed sighting....

Enjoy :)

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Dozens of residents in southern Ontario said they thought they saw a
meteor streak across the sky Sunday afternoon, and an expert says there
is little doubt that is what they spotted.

"There are dash-cam videos I've seen already posted to the internet that
... clearly show what I would say is unequivocally a meteor," said Peter
Brown, a professor at Western University in London, Ont., who studies
meteors and meteorites.
Meteor sighting reports in Ontario probed after social media buzz

Tips for amateur meteorite hunters

Hunting for meteorites and their clues to Earth's origins

Many Ontarians took to social media or contacted the American Meteor
Society to report either a flash of light or a loud rumble.

The reports came from various southern Ontario communities and parts of
the United States.

The meteor society posted a comment from a person who said he was from
Toronto and described a bright flash.

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