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Hello Listers

This post makes you think about what if a meteor exploded over a big
city and events in the past that have taken place and what cane happen
in the future. The link I down below.


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Death by Meteorite!

Supposedly, tens of thousands of people were killed during the
Ch?ing-yang meteorite shower in the Shansi province of China between
April and May of 1490. Modern researchers are generally skeptical about
the number of fatalities, which cannot be corroborated among the
multiple records of this event, but the figure is consistent with what
we might expect had the well-documented Tunguska event of 1908 occurred
over a densely populated urban area.

Researchers are skeptical of other deaths attributed to meteorites, such
as the death of a Franciscan friar in 1633, the deaths of two sailors in
the Indian Ocean in 1647, and the death of an Indiana man in his bed in
1879. The 1800s were a time of elaborate hoaxes staged for maximum press
coverage, so researchers take a dim view of most spectacular accounts
from the 19th century where no other people geographically nearby seem
to have observed anything out of the ordinary, such as in this next

On March 10, 1897, in Martinsville, West Virginia, a meteor exploded
over the town. This was announced in a front-page New York Times article
published on March 11, 1897......

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