[meteorite-list] Ad : Suizhou (L6 Fall, China 1986), Saratov (L4 Fall, Russia 1918), New Rare Falls, Black Trinitite, New Memorabilia

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Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 13:18:31 -0400
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Hi Friends and Collectors,

I have some new material this week that is worth a look. For
collectors of trinitite, I have two pieces of the very rare black
trinitite variant. I also have some new pieces of various witnessed
falls. As always, use coupon code "metlist" at checkout for 20% OFF.

FALLS, micromounts :

Saratov (interior fragment w/chondrules, 191mg) -

Suizhou (cut fragment w/ polished face, 669mg) -

Loose Chondrules (lots from Saratov material) - Loose Chondrules (Lots
of 13+) - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/loose-chondrules-lot-bakers-dozen-of-fresh-l4-chondrules

I recently acquired a piece of Almahata Sitta in a trade. I put a
portion into my personal collection and broke off a few tiny pieces to
offer as micros. This is the first time I have offered it as
micromounts and I decided to do so because there are not any low-cost
micros on the market for budget-minded collectors. I did not have a
piece in my personal collection for similar reasons. I only have a
limited amount of these tiny crumb micros. They are not big, but they
are solid fragments and not dust or grain-sized pieces. On the
up-side, you get a piece of Almahata Sitta represented in your
collection for under $10. On the down-side, my supply is very limited
and I probably won't be offering any more in the forseeable future.

Almahata Sitta -

TRINITITE and others :

Black Trinitite #1 -

Black Trinitite #2 -

Large Select Trinitite -

"Meteorite Artifact Card" (from Magic the Gathering, card game) -

Dar el Kahal (micromounts) -

Odessa Baby Irons (ex-Haag) -

All new specimens : http://www.galactic-stone.com/products/brand-new

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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