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Yes, but....
The owner of that site needs to do a bit more research, the Egyptians
were not the only ones.
Here are 2 other examples:

Iron Creek:
Found in 1871, north-east of Edmonton (Canada), but had been known for
a very long time and highly venerated by the local Cree and Blackfoot
who paid tribute to it, they feared grave consequences if the stone was
ever removed, but it was moved to a museum in Toronto. A few months
later a smallpox epidemic decimated the tribes.

Found in Nigeria before 1903, probably a fall from 1825.
"The stone is bound up in the general welfare of the town. In 1903 it
was removed from Uwet. Smallpox, however, broke out and devastated the
town, which was attributed to its absence. The stone was returned to
Uwet, since when, I am informed, the town has been entirely prosperous.
" (Handbook of Iron Meteorites)

Thank you Dr. V. Buchwald.

Anne M. Black
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Hello Listers

Its always interesting to read about how in some cultures how meteorites
are considered to be sacred and worshiped by many. Do below is a link
that covers that topic.

:) enjoy

Shawn Alan
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Back on Earth, meteorites have long fascinated humanity. Ancient man was
in awe of and feared what were seen as unfathomable events in the skies.
Modern science can now explain the meteor showers, lightning and
thunder, aurora lights, and eclipses that inspired myths, religions, and
legends. In antiquity meteorites were seen as messages from the gods, or
profound omens.

Objects of Power

Many cultures saw fallen meteorites as religious icons to be worshiped
and as objects of protection, but jewelry and art has also been created
from the space rocks. RedIceCreations writes, ?Ancient Egyptians
incorporated meteorites into symbolic objects or jewelry, creating
objects of ?power?. An ancient gem in Pharaoh Tutankhamun?s
adornments is thought to have been created by a blast more powerful than
modern atomic bombs.?

Beads made from iron meteorite were found in a 5000-year-old tomb south
of Cairo. Researchers say the material would have been very difficult to
work with, nevertheless the ancient craftsmen were able to hammer, thin,
and shape the metals into fine beads and stringed necklaces. They?re
the oldest known iron artifacts in the world, created thousands of years
before Egypt?s Iron Age.


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