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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 22:21:08 +0000
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Thanks for those links Kevin....well expressed...the reason why I had
to have a slice too.


On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 6:27 PM, Kevin Kichinka <marsrox at gmail.com> wrote:
> Team Meteorite:
> I have avidly followed the work being done on Mars meteorite NWA 7034.
> For me it is a meteorite as exciting as Nakhla or Chassigny or
> Shergotty or ALH84001.
> I have been looking for an opportunity to purchase an affordable
> slice, and when I realized that there were pairings, my hopes grew for
> purchasing something that I could afford of a representative size, a
> size that allowed for the viewing of the various lithologies, the
> contrasting clasts.
> Matt Morgan was a 'first mover' on internet sales of this meteorite,
> but my budget wouldn't stretch that far. The value was solid. I
> believe he sold out.
> When I saw that Peter Marmot and Marc Jost were offering exquisitely
> prepared slices of 'Black Beauty'-pairing NWA 8171, I was pleased to
> make arrangements for one to land in my personal strewn field. It's
> enroute as I type.
> This auspicious event caused me to review again during the last week
> all I could learn about what I now consider one of the most important
> meteorites from Mars.
> 7034 might give us a treasure-trove of missing data absent until we
> have a sample-return mission of targeted specimens.
> 7034 is the first breccia from Mars, a collection of bits and pieces
> of material dating as far back as 4.4 billion years, barely after the
> solar system had a physical address. The youngest clasts date to
> around 2.2 billion years ago. This newly recovered assortment of
> paired rocks is a hard drive of retrievable data 'stored' during the
> time of monsoons on Mars. Is it an 'impact breccia'? Is it a
> 'sedimentary conglomerate'? (!) 'Other'?
> And is it another new class of Mars meteorites?
> What workers have already learned is worthy of the word 'incredible'.
> If you are interested, and if you are on this list how could you NOT
> be interested, please invest the time and learn about it.
> For starters, a condensed review of what we already know backed with
> the pertinent research papers is available on David Weirs' excellent
> www.meteoritestudies.com. I've recently communicated with him and he's
> updating the '7034' web pages constantly with new findings. This
> meteorite is aggressively being parsed by researchers, a sign of its
> significance.
> And its there that I found a link to Dr. Carl Agee's one-hour Youtube
> discussion of the investigative work already accomplished on NWA
> '7034' (see link below).
> Dr. Agee's video is the 'Cliff's Notes' of Meteoritics 101, with some
> post-doc work thrown in to keep it interesting for more advanced
> students. Nearly every type of lab work that can be done on a
> meteorite, especially one suspected of being planetary, is performed
> and explained. Don't miss this!!!!
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0njmkc2XOys
> '70-34'... it's a number now reverberating in my mind like '84-0-0-1'.
> Saludos a todos.
> Kevin Kichinka
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