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Yes, it is a familiar theme these days. It seems that many have lost their
moral compasses when it comes to respecting other's property, whether it be
intellectual or otherwise. These unscrupulous leeches have a sense of
entitlement. When they are confronted, they blame the creators/owners of
not protecting themselves, therefore it is their fault. They think because
they put out the effort to steal that they are somehow justified in their
actions. This is one of the reasons I no longer deal meteorites on a
regular bases. I have been burned too many times, especially when it comes
to money and plagiarism. A seemingly honest person can go awry when money
is involved forgetting contractual obligations and promises.

It is not only limited to publications and meteorites. I am dealing with a
corporation that thought it would be alright to divert a creek from my
private ranch to a reservoir since the creek empties out below the reservoir
instead of behind it. My property sits around 200 feet above the reservoir
so they installed a dam and a 2,000 foot plus canal on my property without
an easement or permission. They are diverting 8 cfs or over 3,500 acre-feet
(billions of gallons) of water from my property which is completely
surrounded by over 20,000 acres of BLM land. I simply want the corporation
to restore the creek to its natural course and remove the ugly 2,000 foot
scar from my property. I purchased the property because of its beauty and
having the 3,000 foot plus creek front reduced to 1,000 feet is
unacceptable. to me. They diverted this water to behind their reservoir so
they could charge for it even though it meant molesting my private property.
They feel that they are putting the water to better use so disrespecting my
private property rights must be alright.

This new entitlement attitude and it is alright to steal from others is
detrimental all the way around. It destroys creativity and punishes those
willing to put out the effort.


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> Hijacked journal list 2014, first edition, June 2014
> Dr. Mehrdad Jalalian. Academic Journalism,
> Publication Ethics
> http://www.mehrdadjalalian.com/index.php/list-of-hijacked-journals-and-fake-publishers/30-hiajcked-journal-list-2014-first-edition-june-2014
> Journal hijackers target science and open access
> Research Information, August 11, 2014
> http://www.researchinformation.info/news/news_story.php?news_id=1660
> Sample of acceptance letter issued by journal
> hijackers who control the counterfeit website for
> the hijacked journal "FAUNA ROSSII I
> SOPREDEL NYKH STRAN" Dr. Mehrdad Jalalian.
> Academic Journalism, Publication Ethics
> http://www.mehrdadjalalian.com/index.php/updates-of-hijacked-journals/60-sample-of-acceptance-letter-issued-by-journal-hijackers-who-control-the-counterfeit-website-for-the-hijacked-journal-fauna-rossii-i-sopredel-nykh-stran
> 4th counterfeit website is detected for "Texas
> journal of science" Dr. Mehrdad Jalalian.
> http://www.mehrdadjalalian.com/index.php/updates-of-hijacked-journals/57-a-4th-counterfeit-website-is-detected-for-texas-journal-of-science
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