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Team Meteorite:

The bi-annual edition of "The Global Meteorite Price Report - 2015" is
now available. Purchasers will receive it as a pdf file attached to an

I've been selling this report on the meteorite-list and on eBay since
2004 because I knew it would be helpful to collectors. It is the only
source in the world of retail meteorite 'price discovery'. It is good
to know what your meteorites are 'worth' or what new ones might cost.

This edition has been expanded to cover dealer prices for 264
meteorites and their permutations. Expanded from the last edition,
there are now 52 'generic classifications' so you'll know "What does a
typical NWA monomict-eucrite cost?"

The report begins with a description of the methodology I used in
interpreting the information. The data is now professionally presented
on an Excel spread sheet. You will find prices for some meteorites
beginning in 2005, even more meteorite prices for 2007, even more for
2008, 2010, 2012 and then the 316 items surveyed for this year. Many
meteorites have pricing for most or all of these years making trend
spotting easy. No stone (or Iron) was left un-turned :>)

The 'State of the Market' considers whether meteorite collecting is a
fading fad. I review the results of a survey sent to several
International dealers to gauge their confidence in the future of our
hobby. The long-term impact of NWA's is revealed.

Next, we go to the Campo del Cielo strewn field where questions about
the origins of 'New Campos' and another possible pretender are

My take on "The Collapse of Lunar and Mars Meteorite Prices" is
certain to be controversial.

For those unaware that there never was a dog "left like ashes in a
moment" by the Mars Nakhla meteorite fall, the truth will set you

I warn of certain (cheap) numbered and nameless NWA's having the
potential of being sold as certain (expensive) historic meteorites.

The 'Meteorite Price Analysis' completes the report, parsing price
movement and availability of the most important meteorites in all

But the report is not just words and numbers, it's dense with photos
of people we know, places we wish we could visit, and.... meteorites.

Totaling 33 pages- by far the biggest edition yet- this price report
will enlighten, entertain, and likely save you a lot of money on your
next meteorite purchase. It might be useful in determining insurance
coverage for your collection (ask your agent). Dealers can check their
sales prices against their competitors. Researchers and museum met
curators can follow market trends.

I haven't raised the price of this report for years and I hope you
will agree that it remains a bargain at $15.

I offer this work because I think it is good for you... for
everyone... not just dealers, to know the current market prices of
different meteorites along with which direction they are going.

I asked a dear friend, the former editor/publisher/founder of
Meteorite! magazine to take a look at this report to save me from my
errors and omissions. He did so, adding....

"Well done ? it?s a real contribution to the meteorite scene." - Dr. Joel Schiff

Please visit Paypal.com, use my name to reach my account and deposit
$15. I will have the report on its way to you in 24 hours.

Collecting meteorites is the greatest hobby and I am proud to
contribute. Thank you for your support of this project.

(See below for fellow meteorite enthusiasts appearing in this 2015 edition....)

Kevin Kichinka

Rio del Oro, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

'The Art of Collecting Meteorites' is available on Amazon.com as an
eBook for $9.95.

'The Global Meteorite Price Report -2015' is yours now for $15.

MARSROX at gmail.com (and everywhere else...:>)


Mentioned in this report were:

Larry Adkins

Steve Arnold

Ron Baalke

Linda Barany

Dean Bessey

Michael Blood

Charlie Brown

Norbert Classen

Nakhla Dog

Michael Farmer

Ron Farrell

Darryl Futrell

Everett Gibson

Dr. Jeff Grossman

Robert Haag

Paul Harris

Jim Hartman

Tim Heitz

Charlton Heston

Adam Hupe

Art Jones

Russ Kempton

Jim Kriegh


Jean-Claude Lorin

David McKay

Ray Meyer

David New

Harvey Nininger

O.R Norton

Geoff Notkin

Bernd Pauli

Darryl Pitt

Blaine Reed

Dr. Joel Schiff

Steve Schoner


Paul Swartz

Dr. Derek Sears

Jim Tobin

Meenakshi Wadwa

David Weir

Walter Zeitschel
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