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Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 17:02:32 -0400
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Here is the link:


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Hello Bernd and Michael,

I don't see Michael's post on how to make a donation for Marissa... Only six
days left so I would like to try and help her reach that goal.... please
email me how to make this happen.

I hope she finds a meteorite... or 10 !! :) Greg

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Hello List,

Michael, please allow me to chime in. First of all let me tell you and the
MetList what you and Rogan have so far done for "our"
Marissa is so admirable and really deserves a lot of respect and quite a bit
more. I don't wear hats but if I did it would be off to you!!!

We are so very close to what is the minimum amount of money we need to make
this lovable, young lady's dream come true!!!

But ... we can do better ... this you can believe! I, too, did donate a
certain amount of money but I won't tell you how much because this is
absulutely unimportant!

What does count is that you donate ... now matter how much! Some of us have
hundreds, even thousands of mereorites in their collections and here is a
young, passionate, meteorite-loving "girl" who deserves our respect and our
support to make it happen!

She does not complain about being disabled, she does not need our "Oh, what
a pity!" ... she is much too positive to lament her personal fate.

So, open your hearts and help ... it's not the first time we do that. You
will all remember G.F. (no, not the Big Kahuna!) when we felt it was our
duty as list members to help one of those who was part of our "list family"

Thank you for reading this and
thank you for your donation!!!



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