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From: Marco Langbroek <marco.langbroek_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:19:03 +0200
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Marco Langbroek schreef op 19-8-2014 21:24:
> I have just been informed that several meteorites have been stolen during a
> burglary last night at the Sonnenborg observatory in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
> Among the stolen meteorites is a very rare one: one of the few pieces existing
> of the Ellemeet diogenite. It concerns the Serooskerken mass. A picture can be
> seen here:
> http://www.facebook.com/Sonnenborgh/posts/712254438843903
> Please keep an eye open for it.
> - Marco

Hi all,

I now have gotten some additional info from the Sonneborgh bureau:

Sonnenborgh did not have a weight available, but the stolen "Serooskerken" ( =
Ellemeet) diogenite piece (pictured in the link above) is about 7 cm (2.8") in

The rest of the stolen inventory is not that special, but includes:

- a Bilitonite tektite
- four pieces of Holbrook
- a piece of Dalgaranga
- a piece of Wellman
- a thin section of Arispe
- a pseudo-meteorite ("Mellissant")
- a small tube with ash of the Vesuvius volcano

The meteorites were, along with some other valuables and papers, in a safe which
was lifted in its entirety, so the meteorites were likely not the main target of
the heist.

The stolen Ellemeet fragment is one of only two larger pieces in existence.

- Marco

Dr Marco (asteroid 183294) Langbroek
Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

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