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Hello Listers

Not sure if there has been any video footage posted on the List from the
Alabama fireball, if not here is an article on the fireball and a link
to some video footage.

enjoy :)

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Fireball observed over Weiss Lake in Alabama

August 5, 2014--4:11 p.m.


At 10:19 PM Central Daylight Time on August 2 (Saturday night), NASA
meteor cameras detected a very bright fireball at an altitude of 57
miles above Hoodoo Road just east of the town of Beechgrove, TN.

The meteoroid, which was about 15 inches in diameter and weighed close
to 100 lbs, travelled just over 100 miles to the south south east at
47,000 miles per hour, breaking apart in a brilliant flash of light
above the Alabama town of Henagar.

The cameras continued to track a large fragment until it disappeared 18
miles above Gaylesville, located near Lake Weiss close to the Georgia
state line.

At last sight, the fragment was still traveling at 11,000 miles per

Based on the meteor?s speed, final altitude, and weak doppler radar
signatures, it is believed that this fireball produced small meteorites
on the ground somewhere between Borden Springs, AL and Lake Weiss.

The meteoroid?s orbit has its farthest point between the orbits of
Mars and Jupiter, and is inclined to that of the Earth (which explains
its southerly direction).

The NASA Meteoroid Environment Office would like to hear from those in
the area around Alabama?s Lake Weiss who may have heard sonic booms or
like sounds around 10:20 PM Saturday night. Please contact Dr. Bill
Cooke at william.j.cooke at nasa.gov if you have reports of such.

Click here to see the NASA video:
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