[meteorite-list] AD: The Eagle (NEB) has landed! and others too

From: Steve Arnold <meteorhntr_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 22:36:52 -0400 (EDT)
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"The Eagle (Neb) has landed!"

Hey list, here is my first ad in the paid era. Woohoo. I hope I make
at least $4 from this effort...

Eagle, Nebraska EL6. Rare, very hard to find, cool name. 8 very thin
part slices ranging from 0.28g to 0.63g. (Sorry, facebook followers
got the
bigge ones first) $100/g

Colony, OK CO3.0 of all the CO carbonaceous chondrites lowest possible
number, least alliterated by heat or water, "most primitive" no matter
how you
say it, it is scientifically very valuable. Oh, and this was
Nininger's last
"find." So let's add "Historic" to the list. And only 3.91kg
scarce is a good word to add. From THE Meteorite Man Robert Haag's
collection, oh
and a really cool ID card in a Riker box. What more could a collector
]Two for sale:

0.30g $50
0.23g $40

Tissint Moracco Mars Rock in Riker
26mg $30
32mg $35

St. Louis Missouri Moving Car Hammer!!! In Riker.
So incredibly scarce only a few grams have been preserved ~95% LOST

8mg $50
10mg $50
14mg $70

Chelyabinsk in Riker 0.5g $35

Shawnee, Kansas IAB-MG Iron Arrowhead, crafted by Steve Arnold with
card and Riker $50

Gibeon Anvil Part Slices and full slices

Part slice 8.7g
Part Slice 5.2g
Full Slice 312g

Newport AR Pallasite 1.974g the nicest slice of this Ultra rare
pallasite in the market for any price. Ultra thin, awesome crystals
(for Newport).
  Price reduced for 24 hours only $599

Leedey, OK 10.05g very nicely crusted fragment with ASU card. From
Nininger/Monnig field work joint effort.

For photos and prices of all these go to:


Email me off list if you want to buy one. $5 shipping in the US.

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