[meteorite-list] AD; A NEW Eucrite, a CO3.5, Rumurutiite and more

From: Steve Witt <stelor96_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:36:57 -0700 (PDT)
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Greetings List,

I have a few very nice meteorites to offer, so let's get right to it. Sorry if this post is a little wordy.

1. NWA 7954 (Provisional) A nice polymict Eucrite. A single stone of only 109.6 grams. I only have 7 slices of this meteorite available. $15 per gram. Images at:


2. NWA 7957 (Provisional) CO3.5 (S2,W2) A single stone of 86.1 grams, only 12 pieces available, including a nice end cut with some frothy fusion crust on the back. $25 per gram. Images at:


3. NWA XXXX 147.6 gram probable Rumurutiite. I cut a 15.2 gram piece from the end of this specimen for I.D. All indications are that it is a Rumurutiite. This is an incredible looking stone! Basically 3 sided, one side shows moderate weathering, the next side is nicely flight marked in a wavy pattern that appears whitish in areas both in photos and looking at it in hand, but under 10 - 60 magnification, nothing but fresh black fusion crust can be seen. The third side is beautifully flight marked and fusion crusted as well. This stone appears very fresh. I also, upon closer inspection, found some flow lines and lipping. The interior shows brecciation, lighter colored clasts set against a dark fine grained matrix and whitish colored chondrules. Take a look even if you're not a buyer. Price is $15 per gram. Images at:


I would also like to remind everyone that I still have some mind blowing slices of NWA 7989, an incredible Shock Melt Eucrite! This meteorite displays colors of brown, red, orange, grey and black. This is one of the prettiest Eucrite breccias I've ever seen! Price is $20 per gram on slices over 20 grams and $25 per gram on slices less than 20 grams. ***I will consider trades on this material***. This meteorite and the two other NWA's (except NWA XXXX) have been expertly cut and prepared by Marlin Cilz at Montanna Meteorite Laboratory. The NWA 7989 is cut to 3mm thickness giving great size to weight ratio for your money. I also have a 72.7 gram end cut of this material and a 450 gram slab. Please contact me if interested. Images at:


4. I still have a several slices of NWA 8007 available. This is a gorgeous OC L3.2, chondruleful and colorful. Images at:


I also have numerous slices of this material in the 1-5 gram range that I haven't had the chance to photograph yet. Let me know if you'd like to see those.

5. NWA 7987 OC H4 (S2,W2) Price reduced to $2 per gram on this nice H4. Images at:


Free shipping on any order over $100. Priority to the U.S. Specimens (other than the NWA XXXX) will be shipped in a labelled acrylic display case and will come with an I.D. card.Paypal is preferred method of payment. Please inquire off list.


Steve Witt
IMCA #9020
Received on Tue 29 Oct 2013 03:36:57 AM PDT

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