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Mike, all,

The paper you probably refer to is G. SURESH et al.: ?Katol Meteorite Shower,
Maharashtra: A Preliminary Study? from the Journal of the Geological Society of
India, dated February 2013. The paper includes preliminary petrologic and
chemical data. According to the findings of the authors, in Katol ?Ni varies
from 4.5 to 29 wt %?, which is not suprising, considering, the pure-iron
individual that have been collected.


??In the Katol meteorite, chondrules were recrystallised
into medium to coarse rounded granular aggregates or as
single euhedral crystals. The shapes of the chondrules are
preserved and it can easily be delineated by encircling of
medium to coarse grained Fe-Ni /troilite rims. It comprises
of reconstituted chondrules (67%), matrix (20%), refractory
minerals (1%) and metal volume percentage (12 %), which
is typical of ordinary H type meteorite category (Scott et
al., 1996). Properties such as the homogeneity of Mg
composition in olivine and pyroxene, presence of
clinoenstatite, interstitial untwinned plagioclase feldspar (30
to 50 ?m size), absence of chondrule glass in the matrix
(glass occur as inclusions within the olivine at places),
presence of kamacite-taenite exsolution grains i.e. Ni 29 %
in the metal and insignificant Ni concentration in sulphides
i.e. > 0.5 % also suggest their H-type nature.?

End of quote.

In their conclusion, the authors state that ?based on the present studies, the
Katol meteorites are classified as ordinary olivine rich H5 type reconstituted
chondrite and shows differentiated nature. ?

In context with an (equilibrated) chondrite, however, I am not familiar with the
terms ?reconstituted? and ?differentiated?, so others might jump in to explain
what they refer to.

The source: http://tinyurl.com/nu29ubf



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